Get Kpop Fashionated: Erika Breaks Down G-Dragon's "That XX" MV Fashion

I promised I'd give you some G-Dragon "That XX" fashion, and here it is:

As you probably already know, my most recent fashion obsession is G-Dragon.  I’ve been fascinated by this fashion chameleon and fashionisto for awhile now, but he seems to have taken himself to a new level in the past year.  GD is, of course, obsessed with designer goods from the obvious major designers like Chanel and Givenchy.  He’s also supremely interested in somewhat lesser known (but equally as famous) avant garde designers like Junn. J and Commes Des Garcons, which shows in his willingness to wear a man-skirt or women’s clothing,  and to combine pieces in such unique ways.
GD’s “One of a Kind” and “That XX” videos are so chock full of mostly high/some low fashion goodness that I felt compelled to track down the best outfits and dissect them.  Here’s what I found so far:

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