Video of the Day: SHINee's "Everybody" Dance Practice Video

WHYYYY am I just seeing this now?  I swear, you take a Kpop sick day and you come back and realize you missed 23083054 things.  Ugh!  But I digress:

Ok SHINee... seriously?  Seriously??  Stop trying your hardest to make me eat my previous smack talk about your mv and choreography with this "Everybody" dance practice video, because it's not going to work!  I refuse to like it!!  I refuuusssee!!!

Damn you, SHINee.  You're too good.  I'm not saying I love it or anything but a few icicles have melted off of my cold, cold heart.  Ihateyouforbeingsogood!  Ok, no I really don't.

A few notable things:
1. SMent FINALLY went with the English sub option, huh?  How late are they :glances at LOENENT: but better late than never.
2. Onew is way too cute, as usual.  I love how everyone's like, "Yeah... yep your arm fell off. Nope, we can't see your arms..." like nothing.  Onew condition strikes again.
3. Jonghyun and his "my face is the main point".  I mean, they probably rehearse all this but it still comes off as off the cuff and too cute so I give them their due.
4. All the cute!
5. Taemin kicking ass and taking names, as always.  I love how he's all giggly and adorable and then BAM, he's super professional and on point.  I don't know how he does it but I love it.

Now they just need to win some awards people.  Let's get on that please!

What did you think of SHINee's "Everybody" dance practice vid?

Source: SMTOWN. SHINee's official Line.

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  1. What surprising me is ENG SUB!!!! and where's the famous cloud
    wallpaper??? I'm still upset with the fact that Onew didn't reveal his
    arms, I mean look at the recent practive pics they just upload, I'm
    craving for Onguns now

    And how can you not mention how
    perfect my boy in red??!! I know you know how to get info about that red
    jacket, tell me tell me tell me where I can find it???

  2. Haha yeah! I posted those on FB last week and was shocked at Onguns too. Where has he been hiding those?? Also is it sad that I had to come to the page to figure out who had on red? I pad attention to everyone except Minho. Lollll tsk. I'll see if I can figure it out.

  3. I can't stop watching it... I miss the cloud curtains. Judging by the comments, I am not alone in this. I love Taemin and Key's faces - SMH for Onew's outfits. He can't tease us with that damned bare-armed pic and then wear a hoodie and those horrific pants! (those pants always remind me of when my tights [wow, did I initially mis-spell that] start creeping towards my knees, so uncomfortable)

    Honestly, though, that choreo is insane. And so fast! Everytime I think I can't be more impressed by SHINee, I become more impressed...

  4. Onguns - I am totally stealing that!

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