When Kpop And My TV Watching Habits Collide: 2NE1 on SYTYCD

Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows ever, So You Think You Can Dance, when dancer Mark Kanemura (one of Lady Gaga's main backup dancers) decided to give his choreography some 2NE1 fierceness.  That's right, there was 2NE1 on national tv in the U.S. last night!  :insert fangirling gif here:

Mark Kanemura x Jenna Johnson's performance to 2NE1's I Am The Best

The relevant part starts at 0:51:

Werk!  I was so excited I almost jumped out of my chair.

First of all, let me just say that I loved this piece and I loved that Mark used "I Am The Best".  I've liked Mark Kanemura since he was a finalist on this show in 2008 and he's obviously gone on to do great things.  Dancer Jenna Johnson also killed it here ( I hate that she was voted off.  Ugh!)

Secondly, I'm super excited about this.  Why?  Well, SYTYCD has been instrumental in me discovering all kinds of music that I would never have heard of, and the same goes for many others.  There's sites on the net that can inform you of what songs were featured on each episode, and Shazam even has a SYTYCD section.  You can imagine what this means for 2NE1, right?  As of this morning people in the U.S. were buying "I Am The Best":

That's a tweet from a writer for FuseTV and Billboard (who's obviously a Kpop fan).

U.S. Itunes Electronic Songs Chart as of 130821:

2ne1 i am the best on u.s. itunes charts 130821

Also, the fashion!  In the beginning of the segment Mark was wearing some American Apparel x Kesh tank and shorts:

mark kanemura in american apparel x kesh on sytycd

Get American Apparel x Kesh
stuff here

...which the ladies of 2NE1 have also worn for their "Falling In Love" promotions:

2ne1 promote falling in love in american apparel x kesh

Then there was the Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott, because of course they had to wear some to promote the girls!

Mark had these Instinct Hi sneaks on with his black and white outfit in the rehearsals:

Get the Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott
Instinct Hi here

And they were decked out in outfits in what Jeremy calls his "op art hip hop cherub" print:

Check out one of the many tweets from Jeremy Scott about the performance:

I love how he always seems so pumped.

All in all, this was excellent exposure for 2NE1 and I think "I Am The Best" was the perfect song for it.  Let's hope for their continued rise up the charts and for more Kpop to show up on our TVs sometime soon.

Source: IdolXfactor3@ITSJEREMYSCOTT, @Jeff__BenjaminamericanapparelsolestruckAdidas Originals.

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