The SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party: Episode 2

WARNING:  Watching this show WILL cause you to become a SHINee stan.  Enter at your own risk!

Welcome back to the SHINee's "Hello Baby" viewing party.  I'm back with episode 2 which, if I remember correctly, was much better than episode 1.

shinee hello baby viewing party episode 2 eng subs

Last week was all about SHINee being "hijacked" to some historical Korean house so that the members could be tested on whether they'd be ok being fathers on the show.  Good job on making sure they won't accidentally ruin the baby for life, but it's hard to believe that the producers would've ended the show just on the basis of those lackluster "tests".   They also got to meet baby Yoogeun, which caused everyone to freak out over his adorableness (especially Key).  I don't remember what happens next but I'm sure it involves lots of cute games and kisses.

SHINee Hello Baby Episode 2 (Eng subs):

I spy Onew with the car bed!  Cute overload ahead.

Here's episode 1 if you missed it, and don't forget the viewing party "rules". Ok people, watch and discuss below.

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