SHINee's Key Is Summery In Pink At The Bonnie And Clyde Press Conference

SHINee's Key looked chic and fresh as he attended the Bonnie and Clyde press conference today, alongside his fellow castmates.  I like that Key decided to wear pink and white to the press con, since he always looks great in that color.  This outfit is a very toned down version of normal Key-wear but he rocks it well, as usual.

Key with his Bonnie, CJSH's Dana:

I love how the other guys are trying their best at 1930's American gangster style in their poorly tailored suits but Key is cute and contemporary in his summer wear.  He looks like he's on the way to the type of garden party I'd like to attend.

Of course Key had to check out his reflection!  He had to make sure his
BB cream was holding up.

Key with his fellow Bonnies and Clydes:

Um Ki Joon, Han Ji Sang, Key, and Z:EA's Hyungsik are tapped to take turns as Clyde.  Singers Lisa and Dana, and actress Ahn Yoo Jin will portray Clyde's notorious accomplice, Bonnie.

I'm looking forward to seeing Key take on this role and I wish him the best of luck.

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