Kpop WTF: Why The Hell Does SHINee's Jonghyun Never Have A Schedule?

I've been contemplating this subject for awhile now.  In fact, I've been thinking about it off and on for the past few years.  Just why is it that everyone in SHINee has a schedule (or multiple schedules) except Jonghyun??  Let's go through some evidence, shall we?

shinee jonghyun selca may 2013

As of this very moment all the other SHINee members have a solo schedule.  Key is getting ready to hit the stage again, and this time he'll be playing Clyde in the play "Bonnie and Clyde" starting on September 4th.  Onew is currently garnering lots of laughs and swoons (and gifs) in JTBCentertainment's sitcom "Royal Villa".  Minho is doing 20 things (I'm exaggerating) but most notably he's the face of Our Home Rice Pasta and has recently be signed up to act in the new K-drama "Medical Top Team".  Taemin has also been a busy guy, especially with the show "We Got Married", and this is all just in the past few months.

shinee collage 2013 solo activities

But what about Jonghyun?  Has he had any solo schedules before?

Oh wait, he has!

There was the time he was in SM The Ballad:

There's the time he was on KBS's Immortal Song 2 vying against Super Junior's Yesung for 2 episodes:

The rest of SHINee came to cheer him on of course:

(Fyi Jonghyun cried because he won against his sunbae Yesung that day)

Oh and there was that one time that he had a solo schedule at Kiss the Radio during SHINee's "Dream Girl" promotions:

He also has attended random movie premieres and fashion shows over the years, just usually not by himself.

Taemin and Jonghyun at the "Snowpiercer" movie premiere, 130729.

I'm probably missing one or two but still, that's not very many solo activities.  Minho probably did more in the past month than Jonghyun has done in the past few years, and that's kind of sad.

It's been a running joke within SHINee for years that our little Kim Jonghyun is always available to hang out because he never has a schedule.  Even MBLAQ's Lee Joon is aware of this interesting fact:

(Skip to :50 for the start of the joke)

Why do you think this is?  We all know Jjong has a beautiful voice, great stage presence, and can write some really good songs (like "Juliette" and "Orgel" to name a few).  What gives?

Ok let's be honest here: Jonghyun talks.  And talks, and talks...  This guy seems to never have met a subject he didn't like.  It's like word vomit spews out of his mouth on a non-stop basis. I've even noticed that over the years he has taken over most of the speaking duties for SHINee when they're out and about doing their promotional circuit.  I don't necessarily think that this was something they all wanted either.

If you're not quite sure what I'm talking about just watch this episode of SHINee on Mnet Wide Open Studio during their "Sherlock" era:

Why does our leader Onew not have a mic?  Why does Jonghyun keep interrupting everyone else?  I rest my case.

Jjong is also kind of cocky, or that's how he comes across anyway.  Let's change that to very cocky.  He seems to know quite well just how good looking he is and has no problem letting you know he knows.  Jonghyun doesn't just walk, he struts.  His every action screams, "Look at me!  I'm hot and I have a nice body!  Take my picture... Please!"

shinee jonghyun abs
Not that there's anything wrong with that!

This nonstop mouth action combined with extreme cockiness had caused me to not like him all that much over the years, and I know I'm not the only Shawol who felt that way.  I liked him in SHINee well enough and couldn't imagine the group without him but he was far from my favorite.  These feelings started with the show "Hello Baby" and continued on until not that long ago actually.  I only started thinking, "Aww, he's actually pretty sweet!" and wondering if all that babbling is how he betrays his nervousness after watching "SHINee's Wonderful Day".

So yeah, that means I've liked SHINee for about 4 years now and yet I've only really liked Jonghyun for 6 months so far.  Interesting!

What does this have to do with my subject?

Well, my main theory is that this is how A LOT of people feel about Jonghyun.  Not just me, not just some other Shawols but everyone that would want to hire him, and that includes producers of Korean tv shows and plays and commercials, etc.  Maybe he's just been giving off the wrong vibe throughout the years and has alienated the people that could help him out.  Maybe he's secretly an asshole.  Maybe none of the above.

Or maybe he's just been sitting at home composing songs.  Maybe he's been writing 90% SM Entertainment's tunes in the past few years.  Maybe he's bored as hell sitting at home and that's why he talks so much.

What does Jonghyun do with his time?  I'm really, really curious.

Why do you think Jonghyun never has any schedules?

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