SHINee's Jonghyun Trolls Key For "The Misconceptions Of Us"

I suddenly remembered why I like SHINee's Jonghyun when he started up with his trolling ways again yesterday. This time his target was Key and the "The Misconceptions of Us" album cover and the results were, as usual, hilarious.

shinee jonghyun derp

Jonghyun has been trolling for forever.  Everyone remembers his epic troll battles with Minho (and Minho's photo editing contest in retaliation), his first "To The Beautiful You" troll, or how about his "Sherlock" album release trolls.  He's also famous for hanging out on UFO Korea really late at night and being super deadpan and kind of rude (when he wasn't being sweet):

Jonghyun UFO Replies 120825

[Fan] Hello, I’m a fan of SHINee who lives in New Yolk!
[Jonghyun] Yolk

[Fan] What are you doing not sleeping at this hour? Are you thinking about me~?
[Jonghyun] Not thinking about you.

Jonghyun UFO Reply 110601 02:05 am

[Fan] Jonghyun oppa very handsome
[Jonghyun] Yes

Jonghyun UFO Replies April 2011

[Fan] My friend said he looks like you. Admit it. Also admit our relationship^^
[Jonghyun] Our relationship????

[Fan] Jonghyun! Please give me Key!!!!
[Jonghyun] Go ahead; take as much as you want hah.

Source: 밍쯔. @ SHINee DC Gallery

Just google "SHINee Jonghyun UFO replies" and you'll find a ton of good stuff.  

It's nice to see that he's still the same person at heart, because on August 8th he started tweeting these gems about Key's album cover artwork:

Trans: @realjonghyun90: Yaho! SHINee's new songs along with Misconceptions of Us is out. Combined with Me and You. The two songs Selene 9.23 and Better Off have been added~^^! Please love it a lot!^^

Trans: @realjonghyun90: That's what I was thinking and then I saw the album cover...!

Trans: @realjonghyun90: I can feel the artistic... spirit...?!

Trans: @realjonghyun90: I'm gonna drink coffee

Trans: @realjonghyun90: I'm gonna watch anime

Trans: @shiningtweets

Let's make that pic even larger so you can appreciate the fine details:

jonghyun twitter misconceptions of us troll

Ahahahahahaaaaa!  I'm sure Key was not amused.

I love you, Jonghyun. Never change!
Source: @realjonghyun90@shiningtweetsforever_shineeshineeshawols, b. marlboro.

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