SHINee's Jonghyun Trolls Minho in Support of "To The Beautiful You"

Lollll...  This is part of the reason why I love me some SHINee.

On August 15th, Jonghyun tweeted this:

Translation: “The first episode of ‘To The Beautiful You’!! Minho!! You’re looking even more handsome with all the practice you’ve put in!!! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!!”

To which he added:

“Of course, I didn’t actually watch the episode yet!!!"

 Like I said before, Jonghyun is the trolliest of the trolls.

Need to see "To the Beautiful You"?

Minho at the "To the Beautiful You" press con.

Vicki.com has all the info up and episode 1 English subbed already, if you can imagine that.  I'm not sure how great the subs are, since it was done so quickly, but it's better than nothing.

Click here to check it out.  They also have a free mobile app for your viewing convenience.  I've used it and it works very well.

If you do watch it, make sure to come back and give me your opinion!

Source: Credit where due.

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