G-Dragon's Vogue Korea 17th Anniversary BTS Feat. Kim Sung Hee

Vogue Korea has released what is probably the last BTS video from their G-Dragon 17th Anniversary photo shoot.  This one features Korean supermodel Kim Sung Hee or, as people in other parts of the world probably know her, Sung Hee Kim.

Street to Street:

I have one thing to say: I heart you GD and I heart your smirky grin but please learn a few more facial expressions for next time.  Maybe he should contact Tyra Banks so she can teach him how to smize.

No matter how many violins and trumpets they have them "playing", I still reserve the right to imagine that GD and Sung Hee Kim are pretending to be elves, Lord of the Rings style.

Source: VogueKorea

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