EXO Proves Me Wrong With "Growl": They CAN Sing Live

Whattt?  EXO sang "Growl" live on MBC's Music Core today?  Already??  What is this world coming to?   I'm shocked, guys.  I'm really, really shocked because I'd come to the conclusion that EXO couldn't really sing live.  I was even starting to think that their voices are just auto-tuned to perfection and that D.O., Bacon Baekhyun, Luhan and Chen couldn't really hold a diva sing out like "What Is Love" has led me to believe.  Seems as if I was wrong, which I'm really happy about.

exo luhan growl music core 130803

Wow...  I'm impressed and proud at the same time.  Normally SMent groups only start singing live after a week or so, especially if they're not all that confident in the group's abilities, so this is a good thing.

You can tell they've been working really hard on their live singing, especially Kai, because he couldn't even rap live well last year.  It's times like these when I start wishing that I could give them a congratulatory pat on the back (or something of that sort) because they deserve it.  I'll just have to be happy with sending virtual congratulations, especially after watching this MR removed performance:

I'm going to give them a pass on any vocal fumblings because I know how hard it must be to dance while singing, especially since they haven't been doing it for all that long.  Even SHINee had some issues at first.

I'm including this performance from Music Bank yesterday because, even though those camera people sucked ass, EXO's outfits were exceptional.

Graphic black and white with different harnesses for each one?  Love it.

exo growl music bank fan art
How cute is this?  

Want a harness for yourself and don't know where to get one?  You can find them at Zana Bayne's online storefront.  She makes them by hand and they're gorgeous.

Keep up the good momentum, EXO!  I'm thinking there could be big wins in their future, how about you?

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