The 2012 MAMAs: Performances That Killed It & The Ones That Failed

As I'm sure all you Kpop lovers were aware, the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMAs, finally happened earlier this morning (or last night depending on where you live),

Check out the performances I thought were genius PLUS the ones that were full of fail below, and then make sure to let me know which were the ones you loved and hated in the comments.

Edited to add:  After reading the comments I received, I felt compelled to add that I'm not just a YG and SM stan.  I did like other performances, like Block B's and Gain's, I'm just waiting to make another post when I find more HD videos.

Big Bang 2012 MAMA Monster In Me pic
cr. kpopstarz

I missed them this morning, since I had to do things like sleep and then go to work and there's no way I would've woken up at 3 am, or whenever, to watch them.  Well... unless I'd been off today, because then I would've been all over it like white on rice.

I caught people raving (and laughing) about some of the performances on Twitter when I woke up so I knew I had to watch it as soon as possible.  So far I've seen a few of the performances and I immediately had some favorites, and some that I gave the side eye and I bet you do too.

#1 is, of course, Big Bang-

Big Bang- "Monster in Me":

"Fantastic Baby":

I mean, WHAT??  That wasn't just any old performance.  I mean, who even came up with that??  Also, who else can wear a damned Pepto Bismol pink ringleader suit with knee high boots and crazy contacts and still look bad ass??  No one else, that's who (One thing though:  Why is Taeyang the only one not dressed up?  How boring of him).

This type of thing is exactly why I love Kpop and now find most American music performances to be lackluster.  Most people have lost the ability to make a spectacle of themselves and look incredible doing it, which is sad.

Big Bang also won Best Male Group + Artist of the Year for "Fantastic Baby" and G-Dragon won Best Male Artist for "Crayon".  So well deserved!

#2 EXO & SHINee-

First let me admit that I found EXO's part to be meh.  So sorry...but not really.  I want to like them but they're making it hard for me to do that by being all kinds of mediocre.  They need lots of practice before they release their next album.  In this performance I'm allll about the SHINee.

EXO "MAMA" + "Mirotic/Lucifer" & SHINee "Sherlock":

SHINee did what SHINee does best, which is sing well and perform their asses off.  Listen to Taemin's voice!  I'm so proud of him!  Onew sounds incredible as usual, as well as Jonghyun.  They sang and danced so hard that they were exhausted:

Ouch!  It always kills me when I hear them being so out of breath after doing this song, plus they added more choreography for the "Clue" dance break in the middle. PLUS they were really into it, as you can see by Taemin's extra twirls and jumps.

SHINee won Best Group Dance Performance Male, which they highly deserve.  I mean, look at them.  Those boys can make any crappy old choreography look good.  

#3 PSY-

"Gangnam Style"

Awesome performance!  One of the best "Gangnam Style" performances I've seen yet, and that's saying a lot.  I loved watching all the idols in the audience dancing to it, including the random girls that got caught out on video busting out some moves only to duck down when they saw the camera on them.  Who does that?  The ending made me bust out laughing though.  50 yellow suited Yoo Jae Suk look alikes = win in my books.

I will add one thing:  You guys know I love me some Big Bang but will you stop it, Taeyang???  You're killing me right now and not in a good way.

PSY won awards for Best Music Video, Best Dance Performance Solo and Song of the Year.

Now lets talk about the fails.

I'm going to have to go with #1 being...

Hyunseung & HyunA- "Troublemaker":

I never found this song, or their performances of said song, to be interesting in any way but this is the heights of awkward.  Why is Hyunseung wearing what looks like American Apparel high waisted girl leggings?  Why do these two have no chemistry at all?  Awful.

#2 Song Joongki:

What is this even?  I have no words.  Where is Rain when you need him??

Alright so, what were your choices for best and worst performances of the night?  Let's discuss in the comments below!

Source: Mnetkpopstarzpochaccochu.


  1. Sorry I'm a bit of a stranger. Real life drama is getting in the way, plus since our internet has been "fixed" it's so damn slow I can't watch videos without them taking about an hour to load. :/

  2. Troublemaker was so fucking hot this year, and at least Joongki's handsome and can act..
    So yeah I disagree.

  3. Lol, sorry, disagree with you. Loved Troublemaker's performance. You seem a little YG/SM biased, dear.

  4. Totally agree with u, Song Joongki is good looking and he can act. That's why we call them opinions. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Aww. I was totally just thinking about u too. I was hoping you'd get to watch these vids so we could laugh about them. Real life always trumps Internet, anyway... :)
    Slow Internet sucks though. I'd be going off on my carrier.

  6. Troublemaker was terrible omg it was so so awkward, so many slip-ups with the dance. And Hyunseung is turning into Sooyoung why is he getting so skinny?! Bish don't tell people you're getting skinnier because you're note exercising. His jawbone has never been that defined, like ever. Even if he was thin all along.

  7. Lol it seemed like they were counting steps in their head + mumbling the words. Turrible! as Seungri would say. Plus it looked like he could barely stand to touch her. I had to stop watching after the first minute.

  8. Umm... ummm... Was that just BIGBANG and SHINee next to each other... Excuse me *faints*

  9. Agree with you about Big Bang and Shinee: Shinee is strengthening its idol's position with wonderful performances (good albums, quality mv, etc.), I think they are like the godfathers of EXO. Epic: 17 boys dancing Lucifer. Flashbomb for everyone!

    Big Bang: awesome! Crayon sung by each of the members ... GD shared success, and a well deserved solo award.

    And ZICO??? He was the reason I was in front of the computer for almost 6hrs! It was great! (And talk about the comments on the net: many did not like his lavender hair... I don't know how that could empathize with Jaheyo's violet hair...)

  10. I appreciate your not bashing the artists, but you seem pretty biased to YG in your positive choices...?

  11. I actually didn't finish watching all the performances yet. There was a lot! I'll be doing another post tonight.

  12. I didn't even notice Zico's hair color, I was too busy staring at his pants. I did nit like Jaehyo's hair at all though.

    I agree with everything u said about Shinee and Big Bang. They're both so good!

  13. SHINee = Perfectly Lovely

    Big Bang = Daebak
    Psy = Phenomenon has name
    Troublemaker = You know I dislike them
    Song Jongki = just because I love you
    Super Junior = what can I say?

    Others = nuguuuuuuuu?????

  14. Yeah agree with you on Big Bang performance....they just turn the MAMA awards like their world tour concert and they conquered the stage will full of swag...well, maybe you can check Epik High performance with the JOKER Face also because its really amazing & EPIC....*just want to share my 2cents opinions..* peace & cheers :)

  15. BB was not messing around, that's for sure. I never even watched Epik HIGH...I need to check it out. Share your opinion anytime. :)

  16. Did you mean the leather pants (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mea77rHSWa1ruepsyo7_1280.jpg)? I was talking about the second presentation (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meeg0evFzv1qk0edpo1_1280.jpg).

    And I have to thank you: because of your blog, I'm a Block B fan sence the first time I saw Nillili Mambo (attitude, beats, colours, and a funny end!!). And, like shawols like to say, I'm proud to be.

  17. Oh! I totally haven't seen that performance. Link please! :)

    You're quite welcome, of course. I love introducing people to new stuff and Block B is so epic. Thanks so much for following and commenting, btw. Very awesome of u.

  18. Here: http://youtu.be/KpSLXDsysPk
    And THANK YOU!


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