[UPDATED] Video of the Day: SHINee's "Boys Meet U" PV

SHINee became cutesy boys again for their new pv, "Boys Meet U".  Have you seen it yet?  Go watch:

UPDATED: With the "Boys Meet U" full pv in LQ

shinee boys meet u mv screencap

SHINee Boys Meet U full pv (LQ):

The song is cute.  It's also charming and darling and I get all that.  I also get that it's a perfect mv for all their young fans to squee over.  I mean, I had to physically restrain myself from making too many screencaps because of all the adorable just pouring out of the screen.  

screencap shinee boys meet u pv 2
Like this one.

screencap 3 shinee boys meet u pv
Or this one.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, SHINee themselves have said many times that they're so over these types of super precious songs and videos.  This is like "Hello" all over again, except "Hello" is almost 3 years old... it's allowed to be cheesy.  

These boys are pretty much men now.  Onew is 24, Jonghyun is 23 and on down the line.  To me this is a song that you'd see a younger group like EXO making.  Oh wait, EXO's songs sound pretty mature for the most part.  Right.

screencap 4 shinee boys meet u pv

But hey, why not do a song like this?  It's a perfect way to capitalize on all their teen fans, another way to get them to drop more cash on their next set of photocards and the new repackaged album.  I get that too, SMent.

I will say one thing though:  Onew makes everything better, and he sure did save this song for me.  His voice is like melted butter that you want to pour over all your delicious treats, and by treats I do mean... Well, we won't go there.

screencap 5 shinee boys meet u pv

I think that's going to be my motto for 2013: "Onew makes everything better".  

One thing I do wish is that we could see the whole video, because that little gimmick got old about 5 Japanese pv's ago. 

screencap 6 shinee boys meet up pv

I give them an E for Effort on this one.  

I'll just be here waiting; hoping that their next song is something sexy and fierce so I can put this one behind me.  How about you?

What do you think of SHINee's "Boy's Meet U" pv?

Source: universalmusicjapan, SM, YG, JYP Artist.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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