SHINee Proves That They Are The Most Bad Ass Kpop Idols By Performing In A Typhoon

SHINee has once again proven that they are made of AWESOME.  On July 1st those shining boys were doing their usual at the Hong Kong Dome Festival (which consists of performing in the hot sun in at least 3 layers of clothes each), when a super heavy rain storm started... and they just kept going... while looking like they were having fun.  Nope, I'm not exaggerating.  Check it out:

Before you even start the video, take a look at that starting screenshot.  That is sheets of rain and Minho smiling.  This fancam pretty much illustrates to you reason #20307340983 for being a Shawol.  Ok, now go.

Alright, it probably wasn't a typhoon but it was some extremely heavy rain.  All I know is that if that were me, I would totally have walked off the stage and been fired, so all I can say is Go SHINee!

Check out the rest of their performances below.


Dream Girl:




Now have some pics:

Even more awesome.

If you're not a SHINee fan, then what the heck are you waiting for??

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