Watch Some Of SHINee's 5th Anniversary Party Talk Cuts With English Subs

It's been a few weeks since SHINee's 5th Anniversary Party took place but it hasn't completely left my mind.  I'm still marveling that these boys are going strong 5 years later, since so many Kpop bands disappear quickly.  As I sat here thinking about it, I decided to take a look to see if any English subs had appeared and, what do you know??  Our favorite subber has done it again.  Take a look at Airyarielle0718's subs of some of nudepencil's talk cuts from the fan party and enjoy!

Shinee 5th anniversary party talk cuts eng subs

SHINee sure does know how to make me laugh and smile, how about you?

Source: airyarielle0718 via nudepencil.  Image credit where due.

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