UPDATED: Pics and Fancams From SHINee's Debut 5th Anniversary Special Party

All the festivities for SHINee's 5th Anniversary have now concluded but I'm still thinking about how many smiles they've brought into my life.  The boys of SHINee were probably thinking the same thing about Shawols yesterday, during their 5th Anniversary Special Party, which was held on Saturday May 25th at Hwajung Gymnasium.

shinee minho's selca 5th anniversary party
Minho's secla to commemorate the day.

The venue was made up very prettily:

shinee's 5th anniversary debut party venue

And of course a ton of Shawols showed up.  The gymnasium holds more than 4,000 people.

shinee's 5th anniversary party venue 2

 What a beautiful ocean of pearlescent sky blue (SHINee's official color).

sea of pearlescent sky blue at shinee's 5th anniversary party

Alright my friends, we wish we could have been there but this is second best, right?  The following pics and fancams are not in any particular order.  Fyi, all I could find were LQ pics (the fansites are probably going to be releasing DVDs or photobooks with them) but the fancams are pretty damned excellent.  Just scroll through, watch, enjoy and let me know if you liked them.  I know I will!

shinee at their 5th anniversary party_1

SHINee talking:

jonghyun shinee 5th anniversary party_1

taemin onew shinee 5th anniversary party


Sherlock again but closer up- Taemin focused: 

key shinee 5th anniversary party pic 1

jonghyun shinee 5th anniversary party pic 2

Jonghyun's solo, "Oh Say"- 
This song was written and composed by Jjong and was the one he was working on during "Shinee's Wonderful Day":

shinee jonghyun 5th anniversary party

taemin shinee 5th anniversary party pic 2

Taemin's solo- Shin Sungwoo's Prelude:
 (so proud!)

key shinee 5th anniversary part pic 2

Key's solo of Mika's "We Are Golden":

shinee onew 5th anniversary party pic 1

shinee taemin 5th anniverary party pic 2

More SHINee shenanigans:

shinee onew, taemin, jonghyun 5th anniversary party

onew shinee 5th anniversary party

Onew solo- "In Your Eyes" from the To The Beautiful You OST:
(this brought tears to my eyes for real)

shinee taemin, minho, jonghyun 5th anniversary party

shinee 5th anniversary party minho solo

Minho's solo- John Park's "Good Day":

shinee's 5th anniversary party

shinee 5th anniversary debut party

Why So Serious?:

2min shinee minho kissing taemin's hand 5th anniv. party

shinee 5th anniversary party 7


shinee minho 5th anniversary party

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