Watch Beatburger's Official UMF Korea Video Featuring SHINee

Beatburger has just released an official video of their June 15th performance on the UMF Korea stage, which includes some nice SHINee footage.  Take a look:

shinee x beatburger umf korea

The SHINee goodness starts at 1:24:

I really liked this video but...

I find it highly entertaining that SM Entertainment allowed SHINee to align themselves with a group that's got such a "vulgar" song, when they've taken such pains in the recent past to keep SHINee seeming like boys and not men.  Make up your minds, SMent.  Are they manly boys or boyish men or what?  See, I don't have a problem with their more grown up image but I bet some people do.

Cue netizens getting offended in 3...2...1... because they get offended about everything.  Onew's fake cigarette and girlfriend "scandal", anyone?  Insert really good "rolling my eyes" gif here.

Let's just hope this video makes no waves in the SHINee World anytime soon and that everyone just enjoys it for what it is: a fun, quick glimpse of our SHINee boys men.

What do you think?

Click here for more SHINee x Beatburger at UMF Korea.

Source: beatburgerkorea.

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