Mega Post: SHINee x Beatburger At Ultra Music Festival Korea

Today SHINee had the honor of appearing on stage at UMF Korea, or the Ultra Music Festival, with Beatburger.  UMF, which takes place annually, is the world's most famous outdoor electronica festival.  The festival was originally created with a focus on electronica, but it has grown over the years to showcase music from the biggest and best EMD (electronic dance music) artists to crossover EMD artists.  The festival takes place in Miami, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ibiza and Korea, and thousands of people come from all over to attend.  So, to have SHINee perform there is pretty much a big deal.

shinee x beatburger at umf 130615

Now if you don't know who Beatburger is, I'll tell you.  Beatburger consists of SM Entertainment's Performance Director Shim Jae Won (dj & vocal), Stephen Ju, Flashfinger, MQ, King Gu, Kyu Yong and Jung Mo and they call themselves a dance dj live performance team.  They've remixed a few of SHINee's hits into techno songs, so you might have heard their stuff without realizing it (go here to listen to more Beatburger music).

With that being said, I've got some pics and fancams for you from the event.  SHINee performed to remixes of "Lucifer", "Dream Girl" and "Beautiful" and I've got some close up fancams and some farther away fancams but they all give you differing viewpoints on their performances.  Enjoy!

Full SHINee x Beatburger set:

Taemin focus:

taemin shinee x beatburger umf 130615

Minho focus:
Copious underarm hair alert!

shinee minho x beatburger at umf 130615
Damn Minho!  I could almost braid that mess.

Onew focus:

onew shinee x beatburger umf 130615

Key focus:

key shinee x beatburger umf 130615

Jonghyun focus:

jonghyun shinee x beatburger umf 130615


My thoughts:

I haven't watched all the fancams yet, just snippets, but I have to say that Key's fancams give me life.  All that thrusting and hair flipping is something else!  Minho's fancam is also killing me.  He's trying to be oh so cool and it is just awesome.  I actually kept laughing out loud as I watched these because watching them bounce around to techno versions of their songs is epic and mad funny at the same time.  These have to be the best fancams I've seen in awhile, in terms of content.

Let me know how you liked the mini SHINee x Beatburger UMF concert in the comments below!

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