[Mega Pic Post] SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour Day 1 & 2

Part 1 of the SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama Day 1 and 2 Mega Post.  

As reported by fans that attended the concerts, security was extremely tight and many Shawols were not able to use their cameras to take videos or pics.  However, some fans were sneaky enough to take LQ pics, fancams and fan accounts and I have compiled a large selection of them for you.  Since there are so many, I have made two separate posts for easier viewing.

Scroll down for pics from SHINee World 2013 JAT in Saitama.  
Click here for fancams and fan accounts.

Take out with full credit.

Click here for fan accounts and fancams of SHINee's Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama.

Source: All images credited as tagged, via sfineealmightykeybeom,

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