[Fancams & Fan Accounts] SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama

Part 2 of the SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama Day 1 and 2 Mega Post.  

As reported by fans that attended the concerts, security was extremely tight and many Shawols were not able to use their cameras to take videos or pics.  However, some fans were sneaky enough to take LQ pics, fancams and fan accounts and I have compiled a large selection of them for you.  Since there are so many, I have made two separate posts for easier viewing.

Scroll down for fancams and fan accounts from SHINee World 2013 JAT in Saitama.  

SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U VCR- SHINee in Wonderland"


Fan Account Compilation- 130628 SHINee "Boys Meet U" Japan Arena Tour 2013 in Saitama Day 1:

1. Jjong: Quite nervous standing in front of everyone.
Key: I forgot Japanese already, been too long.
Jjong: Nervous?
Key: Like, words, 10 times? Eh, 10 pieces?
Jjong: Yeah
Key: I forgot... I'll work hard! (Cr nacci5ofu)

2. During Beautiful everyone was so carefree!
Especially those two eldest.
During rap they danced like crazy (Cr nacci5ofu)

Translated by: redndazzling

3. Jjong sang his part in Run With Me and then it's Onew's part. Jjong was lip-synching that part as he stood behind Onew. (Cr s_s4s_m)

Translated by: redndazzling

4. Jinki : "minasan" [everyone]
Jonghyun : "nani?1 nani?1" [what?! what?!]
Jinki : "aitakatta" [I wanted to see you]
then Jinki smile too cute!

5. Kibum : "i was touched? how you Mino, today?"
Minho : "yes, i was touched also"
Kibum : "i got it"

6. Taemin was riding a tricycle in the middle of the song. And when it was almost stumbling on step was more cute than children, he's rowing a tricycle is also likely to enjoy from the the reaction.

7. Kibum surprise planning, Jonghyun notice him almost crying.
Jonghyun : "daijōbudakara" [it's okay] > pat shoulder 'n laughing
Kibum : "atarashī menbā o shōkai shimasu! suekko no kīdesu" [Is the key of the youngest! Introduces a new member]

8. Kibum : "people will look over it! bought our album!"
Jinki : "It's me! Okay yes!"
Kibum : "people will look over it! I'll Listen to a lot of our album!"
Jinki : "Okay Yes Yes!"
Taemin : "oh Yes oh oh"

Credits : ichigobooboo

9. SHINee's words on the confetti
Onew: I love you all
Jong: Always thankful
Key: Wish you'd be blissful everyday
Minho: Let's make more beautiful memories
Taemin: Love you everyone

10. Onew who is insistent on word play: While introducing the 1000 years always by your side section,, he said :"The next song is, thousand years.."
Jonghyun:"Thousand years"
Onew:"always... unlucky" Isn't 1000 years too long?! Always...”
Maknae: “What are you saying!”
(PS:The new song that is released today is called Sunny Day Hero,it's a very bright and happy song.)
cr: SHINeeBloom绽放

14. After that very scary new song Kiss Yo, a few children bikes were brought onto stage. There was also another kind that you have to use your feet to push the ground(Don't know how to describe)Taemin was too cute when he rode the bike, so petite. Kim Jonghyun rode the one that looked like a skateboard car,and because it is hard for adults to control such children bikes ,he kept shaking his body here and there.
cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A

15. Key (in Japanese): Ah for a moment I forgot how to speak Japanese
Jonghyun: You're speaking in Japanese now
Key: Aren't I the best!
cr: tsubuOl

Translated by: @laetitia_aw

16. After talking about Breaking News MV.
Minho: Please look forward to our next MV.
SHINee: .....
Probably Minho carelessly slipped it out.
However no other information was leaked. (Cr 11kimj_bling)

17. Minho: The next song, is really, really the last one.
Jjong: What is the title?
Minho: The title is...
Onew: Today was really fun! I realllly had fun!
Jjong: Why, off topic hehe
Minho: Right, off topic!
Onew: Really for real, today was so fun.
Jjong: What happened to this guy? He is weird!
Taemin: Towards such Onew... I like him.
Taemin opened his arms, waiting.
Onew came to Taemin.
OnTaem hugged.
Shawols were pronounced dead (Cr 11kimj_bling)

18. Towards the end, the main screen showed the back of Jonghyun's head. So he got busy asking where the camera was. Then he found it. And winked (^_-)-☆
I died. _(:3 」∠)_ (Cr nacci5ofu)

19. When Onew and Jjong came out at the 3rd row, Onew saw a sign asking for Taemin to make a heart so he did it in Taemin's place instead. (Cr Cbaby__Br)

20. Key: Who memorized the album for today, hands up!
Jjong: Who listened to the album a lot for today, hands up!
Taemin: Who would never listen to the album from now on, put down your hands!!! (Cr Cbaby__Br)

21. During Kiss Yo, there were balloon bed and slide. Taemin jumped onto the bed and wriggled his hands and feet. Other members rode the slide normally but Taemin ran up and down. He fell extravagantly and laughed hard at by Key (Cr aionee_51)

Translated by: redndazzling

22. During talking, Jonghyun: Whatever happens, it's an injury to all 5 of us, and immediately said:"I'm handsome right? Handsome right?". (cr: _JH0408, DCGallery)

23. So much sweat that his hair gathered into clumps. During photo taking with everyone, everyone was tidying their hair, when Jonghyun saw how his hair looked like on the big screen, he said: "It's okay, my face it too handsome." (cr: kana眯眼控)

24. The support paper that was given out today was raised by everyone during the encore,Jonghyun asked what is it, after taking a good look at it all 5 of them were very touched, Key immediately cried, Jonghyun kept saying thank you, then he choked on one of his sentence, then he asked everyone to tell Key not to cry, and he also said he wanted to take a photo of everyone, so he asked the staff for a camera, Taemin said everyone take a photo together, then SHINee took a photo with everyone who were holding up the paper,Jonghyun said everyone is beautiful,the 5 of them gave thumbs up to every direction. (cr: 贝贝no貝貝

translated by: @laetitia_aw

25. In the end Jonghyun took staff's DSLR camera up on stage and took photos with it, Taemin said to let the staff take (photos) and we'll take (a photo) together. Then when they posed, Taemin suddenly ruffled his own hair and said "Ah my hairstyle!" Jonghyun said "Ah, my hairstyle, but my face is good-looking~". Today's talk time has a lot of funny points, many of them came from Jonghyun. (cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A Chi-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw)

26. Reminiscing some moments.. Onew kept touching his ears during the talk session. Jonghyun 'What are you doing!' Onew 'There's perspiration at the back of my ears!' Haha Oppa, your perspiration appears at the cutest spot XD' While Jonghyun was talking, Onew used his towel to wipe off his perspiration for him XD These 2 people are so cute~" (cr: yuri270, via: thpapergangster)

27. Seeing all the fans holding up the event slogan, Key cried. So Jonghyun asked fans to chant "Don't cry" and while holding in tears, Key asked "Can't we just sing 2 more songs?" and Jonghyun said it may cause difficulties for the staff, and it ended

28. Encore talk:Jonghyun shouted "I'm also very handsome right! I'm very handsome right~ I'm very handsome right~", shaking his heads and prancing around crazily. Taemin asked the fans upstairs if they could see clearly. Jonghyun: How about 2nd floor? 3rd floor? 4th floor? 5th floor? 6th? 7th? (Actually there is not 6th or 7th, he did it purposely). So in the end he got criticised by everyone saying that he's not funny yet he kept repeating the joke.

cr: @_JH0408, DCGallery, 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Kor-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw

29. During encore, Jonghyun suddenly grabbed Key by the neck and shook him, then the fansupport prepared by Japanese fans began! It's this paper that everyone held up! Everyone got a shock, Key cried! Jonghyun walked to Key and told him not to cry. To everyone: Let's say "Don't cry" together! "Don't cry!"~ Then the other 3 also walked there (towards Jongkey), Taemin also told Key not to cry! Onew even sang it!

cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Chi-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw

30. Key : Is Minho-gun touched today?
Minho: I'm touched...
Key (immediately interrupted): I got it.

31. Jonghyun : Because Onew-hyung is very KY. KY means can't grasp the situation correctly, being blur)
Taemin :But I like this kind of Onew

Then they hugged.

cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Chi-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw

32. Lee Taemin threw his singlet out during Sherlock! (Threw it to the staff) The main point is his action! Too handsome! Manly! Taemin is not a kid anymore!

33. During talk time, because everyone was sweating profusely for the previous few songs,and like what I said previously that Onew helped Jong wipe his sweat,then before they had to sing again, Minho suddenly touched Key's body, from the shoulders and along the arms. I really wanted to ask what he's doing. In the end I realised he was wiping his sweat on Key.

cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Chi-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw

34. Encore! All of them went into the arena area!! They Hi-5ed with fans as they pass by!

cr: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Chi-Eng trans: @laetitia_aw

Fan Account Compilation- 130629 SHINee "Boys Meet U" Japan Arena Tour 2013 in Saitama Day 2:

1. Minho wearing wig pretending as a cheerleader in START. Jjong came closer, took the wig and attempted to kiss him. Then Jjong picked up the wig and put it back on Minho's head. It's cute how Jjong had to stretch out, hands raised up just so that he can reach Minho.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

2. Jjong pointing to those in standing area starting from below, "1st floor! 2nd! 3rd! 4th! Ah, 5th floor! There IS a 5th floor! Wow, there's even 5th floor~♪♪" He was excited by himself with his eyes sparkling.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

3. Jjong took the towel that Onew used to wipe his sweat. Then, without wiping his own sweat, he went to Taemin and wiped Taemin's arm, followed with Taemin's neck and face. Taemin didn't resist even when his face covered with the towel.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

4. Onew's neck dripping with sweats and Jjong couldn't ignore it. With his hand he wiped Onew's neck upward, as if caressing it.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

5. The five of them went back to the main stage for the final greeting. They all bowed, but only Onew and Jjong were holding hands. What's more, their fingers interlocked.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

6. Onew was sitting on an apple prop during start. Then Taemin came to him, bouncing, and sat right beside him. They then continued to sing being like that for a while.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

7. Among the songs, there's one where Taemin was in the middle, surrounded by the hyungs. Yesterday they poked Taemin. Today, as they came to him, Taemin went to Onew and hugged him right away.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

8. When they're returning to the main stage from the substage, Onew jumped on Minho's back and was piggybacked. Taemin quickly moved towards them but Onew got off before he could do anything. He looked a bit disappointed.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

9. When they're returning to the main stage from the substage, Onew jumped on Minho's back and was piggybacked. Taemin quickly moved towards them but Onew got off before he could do anything. He looked a bit disappointed.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

10. Be it the first talk session or the final talk, whenever Taemin said something Jjong would say, "No matter Taemin does he is always cute~♪♪"
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

11. During Hello, Jjong realized that his shoelace was loosened. For about three times, he squatted nonchalantly to tie it back. Yet he still failed and whenever his part came he'd be a bit hasty and laughed it off. In the end he just did it in the middle of the substage.
(Credits: s_s4s_m)

Minho: The next song really is the last song.
Fans & other 4: Ehhh!!!
Minho: It's really the last song.
Taemin: I hate such Minho~
(Credits: sj71sn122)

13. During MC
Taemin: Everyone here, I love you~!!!
Jjong: How about everyone else who is not here??
Taemin: Saranghae~!!
(credits: pooh_pooh_chan)

14. When introducing themselves
Onew: Hello, I'm Onew!
Jjong: I'm Jonghyun!
Taemin: I'm Taemin!
Minho: I'm Minho!
Key: .....
Onew: He is Key!!
Key: σ(^_^;)
(credits: pooh_pooh_chan)

15. Taemin: Those in 2nd, 3rd floor, can you see us~? I can see you from here. I'll be watching over you from here
Taemin: Isn't that cool just now?
Jjong: Like I said, no matter what you do, you're cute.

Taemin then showed peace sign and began doing aegyo.
(credits: Cbaby__Br)

16. Talking about Japan debut 2nd year anniversary
Taemin: 2 thousand years... (2 sen nen)
Key: 2 thousand years?
Taemin: Yes, it was our 2 thousand years the other day.

It's 2nd year anniversary (2 shuu nen)
(credits: Cbaby__Br)

17. During Hello, apparently Taemin made a mistake and sang a line in Korean.
(Credits: strawberry_SZ)

18. During Beautiful, Minho was earnestly rapping but at the same time...

Onew, Jjong were fooling around
Key was fixing his shoelace
Taemin was fixing his clothe
(Credits: pkm60408jyn)

19. Amigo Jjong's part...
During this part, Onew and Jjong were walking towards each other.
Right at that moment, Jjong pointed to Onew as the lyrics went "Very sexy~"
(Credits: pkm60408jyn)

20. Sherlock... Minho's jumping part - Onew and Jjong jumped together.
(Credits: pkm60408jyn)

21. Kiss yo...
When Onew & Taemin were singing nonchalantly as they sat on the apple, on the other side Jjong & Minho was 'fighting' each other.
(Credits: pkm60408jyn)

22. Moon River Waltz...
As he sang "As much as the stars" Minho looked up as if looking at the stars in the sky.
As he sang "Will never let your hands go" Minho clenched his fist and brought it to his chest.
Minho was so into the lyrics.
(credits: pkm60408jyn)

23. Yesterday Onew said "Saitama Spa Arena". Today he said "Saitama Suuuuuuuper Arena". (Credits: pkm60408jyn)

COMPILED BY: almightykeybeom
sources and credits as tagged
translated by: redndazzling

Take out with full credit.

Click here for more pics of SHINee's Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama.

Source: mikomiko324mamiawzahoangtu87abcIDEALBOYkr, @almightykeybeom.  All images, fan accounts and translations credited as tagged.

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