G-Dragon Is A Haute Mad Scientist In Cosmopolitan's July Issue

G-Dragon recently teamed up with Glaceu Vitamin Water to be their most recent spokesperson and has already released a series of commercials for the brand.  Next up for GD?  A Cosmopolitan Magazine spread (and interview) featuring him as what I take to be a mad scientist, cooking up some of that good old Vitamin Water.

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_1

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_2

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_3

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_4

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_5

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_6

GD did Instagram some outtakes from his shoot last week but it looks even better in HQ.

G-Dragon for Cosmopolitan Magazine (July 2013)

GD’s Cosmopolitan Photoshoot concept is a science experiment of GD making Vitamin Water. It’s a GD x Vitamin Water collaboration.

GD designed the label of Vitamin Water and he even created a new taste for his collaboration with Vitamin water!

GD: I like someone w/a good sense. Even when she’s saying a word or wearing something, she should have a good sense. Even better if she’s pretty.

GD cosmopolitan interview: I think musicians should never grow up. I think I’ll still be wearing red clothes even when I become a grandpa.

Just like normal people my age, I relieve stress by meeting my friends and talking and drinking with them.

Wild&Young is my life’s motto.

When I meet with my friends, I talk about girls, life, American dramas that I watched yesterday. Our talk is endless.

I can’t really go places as I wish. So I play at hotel swimming pools &go out to eat. I feel like I can bond with my staffs in this way.

I was worried that I might harm the good reputation of BB’s tour, I saw the potential in me and I had a firm belief that solo is worth the try.

Pressure and worries only exists in first few concerts and as my body gets used to the atmosphere, I get more relaxed. If I get stressed out about musical things, I must relieve it with music. Whether I can or not, I keep writing songs. I get relieved when I can finally write a good song that I can be satisfied with. It’s like my occupational disease.

When I spend time with my non-celebrity friends I feel relaxed because I feel like a normal person, not a celebrity. I get inspirations from ‘people’ That’s why I enjoy meeting others. Especially I get a lot of inspiration as I eat and talk with others

Sometimes I watch movies or read & get inspirations from a certain quote or a word. Late but I really liked the movie, Midnight in Paris.

I get addicted to different things everyday. Last year I only skateboarded. I think I’ve been reading comics (mangas) all this year.

Source: @kor_celebrities, @BIGBANGGisVIP & Weibo via koreanghetto.

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