CL Is A Bad Mama Jama On Inkigayo + A Revealing Interview

Love CL's "The Baddest Female" or hate it, you have to admit the girl can perform the hell out of a song.  She did just that on her first solo Inkigayo comeback stage, which took place on June 2nd, and if you've watched it already, you should watch it again:

cl the baddest female on inkigayo

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I finally figured out EXACTLY who CL seems to be fashioning herself after nowadays.  That would be none other than '90s RnB songstress Aaliyah.


Aaliyah was the originator of the sports-bra-with-big-pants-and-abs-showing look.  She also did the long flowing hair with the side part, the gold chains, the nails, and the Adidas/Nike pants thing first.  CL is doing a credible copy though.  Not bad, girl... not bad at all.

YG Entertainment's official blog, YG Life, put out an interesting interview with CL on June 4th.  Check it out:

cl the baddest female album 1

2NE1’s leader CL releases her first debut solo song “The Baddest Female” since her debut as 2NE1 four years ago.

The phrase “Bad Girl” is a popularly used term today in the music world. But the word “bad” is simply a decorative expression, and it actually connotes an enthralling woman who goes against the society’s norm. The connotation certainly can and should be applied to the leader of the female group 2NE1, CL, who on May 28 debuted with her very first solo song.

On stage she radiates a powerful charisma that can rarely be seen in other singers. Her music boldly refuses to cage herself in conventions. Her first solo song “The Baddest Female” is an exceptional legacy of YG Entertainment’s (YG) main producer Teddy. Many experts say that she has penetrated the hip-hop genre that was usually dominated by male artists, and she does it with her very own color and personality.

Her slow hip-hop release of BMP 70 is almost like a ballad song, but its Dougie and Dubstep style makes it a fresh approach, which is also a familiar sound for most music lovers.

CL, who has always been including the phrase “The Baddest Female” in her autograph, prefers “cool” to “sexy.” Her love for hip-hop was more passionate than anyone else’s since she was a little girl. And that special affection helped her embark on her her solo journey with such confidence. As this is the very first solo song since her debut as 2NE1 four years ago, she paid undivided attention to blending in her values and motto into the song.

We met with CL face to face at YG’s studio in Seogyo-dong, Seoul. With thick and dark eyeliners that matched her large earrings, she began by saying, “I wanted to break the perception that Asian women are introverted and quiet.”

-You performed your solo song for the first time on SBS’s Inkigayo on June 2. How did the kick-off go?

▶I can’t say I’m completely satisfied but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great being back on stage after such a long time. So many fans joined me, which made me feel like I was performing at a concert, not on television.

-Your alluring charm stands out even more than when you performed as part of the group, 2NE1.

▶I don’t really aim to be “sexy” or “alluring.” I actually like “cool” a lot better. I’m not saying that I take it for granted when people tell me I’m sexy, I do appreciate it a lot, but I do feel uncomfortable saying it myself.

-When you were first handed the title “The Baddest Female,” how did it feel?

▶The phrase “The Baddest Female” first came up when producer Teddy was playing around. Last year, he joked, “if you get to do something on your own, it would be funny if you jumped up on stage screaming, ‘The Baddest Female!’” And that led to him writing a song with that title. I am absolutely happy with it. I love it.”

-Many of your fans expected an album, but you only released a single. Anything you wanted to do more?

▶It is still my dream to produce an album that will mean a lot even after 10 years. But after releasing the song, I think my boss (CEO of YG) was right. His decision to make me approach the public with a song that best expresses me was wise.

-The slow hip-hop beat could be unfamiliar to the public. Did you put a lot of thoughts in making it mainstream?

▶When it comes to producing music, music video and the setting, we do what we want to do. We do keep in mind that gaining support from the public is important, but we try not to make that a factor of inhibition for us. We just want to enjoy it, and we want to make good memories from the process.

-To you, what does “The Baddest Female” mean?

▶I think “The Baddest Female” is someone who does her best in what she does, and a passionate person who is not afraid to voice her opinion with confidence.

-Your power and confidence on stage almost make you appear like a feminist.

▶It’s my motto and belief. Having gone to international schools my entire life, I realized that people have a certain image of Asian women in mind. Like, they expect Asian women to be introverted and quiet. That could work to an advantage, but I wanted to show them there are different sides to Asian women. I think I wanted to break that conventional perception of Asian women.

cl the baddest female

-What made you think that way?

▶I think those thoughts grew on me naturally as I got older. Jeremy Scott and Will.i.am both mentioned that they didn’t know a woman like me would even existed in Asia. Meeting these people made my belief go stronger. There are so many wonderful Asian women, and I wanted to show them more of what we’ve got.

-You stood out even as a member of 2NE1. What took you so long to do a solo?

▶I always thought that I would someday want to work as a solo. But instead of just diving in, I wanted to be fully prepared with a good song and a satisfying content. So when my boss (Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO) told me to do a solo with “The Baddest Female,” I was thrilled. But everything happened so quickly, it took us less than a month to prepare for it.” (laughter)

-It seems like you put a lot of thoughts into the visual aspect of your stage and the music video. What kind of work did you have to do?

▶I didn’t consider the prepping process as work. When we made the final decision to do a solo, I talked a lot with Teddy, the stylist, and the music video director. We just chatted about simple things like “this is in these days,” or “this suits you well.” And then I became really eager, and when I realized we I had picked 15 different outfits for the music video. But no one pushed me to do it; everything just came to me naturally.

-Some say you are the “female version of G-Dragon”.

▶I am grateful for that comment. When I come back with another solo, I want to discover more of my own color. People look at me as “a part of 2NE1,” but in the future I hope they can also discover that I have my very own style. As a female rapper, I want to be a musician who can handle any songs who crosses the boundaries.

-Dara personally promoted your song through Twitter and other members are proactive in cheering you on.

▶It is so reassuring to have them by my side. Dara actually calls herself the president of my fan club. The members from 2NE1 are always with me, and they keep telling me my song is good. Dara and Bom came to the studio to see me perform for the first time. They didn’t make any comments, but when I asked them how I was, they simply told me, “of course it was awesome.” Because we always hang out together, it actually feels weird cheering each other on verbally.

To be continued in Interview #②

2013. 6. 4.

What do you think about CL's performance and interview?  Leave me a comment below.

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