SHINee's Weekend In Review: MCs, Music Shows And Fansigns, Oh My

SHINee continued on with their music show appearances this weekend and even though they haven't won anything for "Why So Serious?" yet, we're still rooting for them to do so.  Let's see what else they were up to, shall we?

May 3rd:

1. The boys worked it out on Music Bank in their white and red, and even sang live.

Onew manhandling K-Will at the end of Music Bank.

Minho was one of the MCs on the show that day, where he got a chance to interview legendary singer and guitarist Cho Yong Pil.  Watch Minho squee and fanboy over CYP below:

You could tell he was extremely honored to meet this talented sunbaenim. Great job Minho.

2. The next stop for the day was at Jang Kiha's Amazing Radio, which you can watch in it's entirety by clicking that link and scrolling down.

Minho and Jang Kiha

3. SHINee then decided to take a break... Yeah, right!  They had a fansign to attend to at the Interpark Art Center.

Interpark fansign fan account:

A fan wished Key and his grandmother will always stay healthy and he thanked her happily.
When I was getting Minho’s signature, the camera uncle told Key, “Key goon, please say some words to Jonghyun goon who isn’t here today”. Key unhappily pointed to the picture at the back and replied, “The group in the picture is complete but how can it be that this person did not come, please get well and come back soon. 
After signing, Jinki said that he signed very slowly. Fans shouted that no, he was too fast, and should be given 5 minutes. Jinki replied that he thinks that he really signs very slowly and Taemin said that he tried his best to sign as fast as possible. “Because Onew hyung is too slow, the fans were stuck at my place” (Taemin’s queue had more than 3 people)
Minho asked us what other songs we like besides WSS and everyone was shouting “Minho” and all sorts of song titles. As it was very messy, Minho asked “Are you all speaking Korean?”
Source: human-lock
Translated by: squishyjinki

Read more extra awkward (in other words extra funny) fan accounts here.

4. Minho and Key also attended the H:Connect store opening event that day.
5. Lots of practicing into the early hours of the morning (I assume).

May 4th:

1. First up was Music Core.  SHINee's stylists continued on with the whole '80s New Wave theme, which I love to pieces.  All those bright colors really popped off the screen, didn't they?  Did you notice Minho's shoe and sock combo right at the beginning?  How about Key's embroidered KTZs?  Sigh... I love these boys.  Take a look:

2. After Music Core, the guys headed on over to their 2nd fansign of the weekend, which took place at Gwanghwamun Square.  This would be the first event that Taemin was conspicuously missing from.  So far I've only seen a few LQ pics from that event, but you can see them by clicking here.

3. Also that day, Minho took part in a photoshoot for his endorsement brand Our Home Rice Pasta.

If you haven't seen his commercials yet, well... you need to:

You know that if I lived in Korea, I'd have had to run right out to buy that pasta after watching this, right?

4. Taemin's "We Got Married" episode 2 was released.

 May 5th:

1. SBS Inkigayo's '80s rocker themed performance was one of their best ones yet.  Was that band actually playing in the background?  It kind of sounded like it.

I like how they were each a different type of rocker.  Taemin was the Bon Jovi-esque hair band member (take a gander at his bondage pants and head band), Key was the Sex Pistols-ish punk version, Onew reminded me of Billy Idol and Minho was all done up to look like a member of a ska band circa 1982.  SHINee's stylists seriously need a standing ovation for most of their "Why So Serious?" outfits.  They are on point.

2. The guys headed on over to the Cheongryang-ri Lotte department store for yet another fansign.  By then they were looking extremely exhausted, as you can imagine.

By the way, I love the gorgeous fansite pics that get passed around and ooh-ed and aww-ed over but I dislike the fact that they airbrush them.  Why?  Because we tend to get a false sense of how "perfect" these (or any) idols look, or we end up thinking they look fine when they're not.  For example, here's an airbrushed pic of Key from the fansign:

Looking good right?  This is what he really looked like:

Poor bb.

Exactly.  I always end up feeling so bad for these poor guys as they run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  At least they don't have quite as many activities as they had during their "Dream Girl" promotional cycle.

I just want to go over there and put him to bed...
and surprisingly not in that way.  

I'm not going to include a pic of Onew... because of this:

I don't know whether to thank the person who gave Onew a lollipop or to slap them, because....

He needs to stop that like right now.

3. Where was Taemin, you ask?  Taemin was caught filming on the streets of Seoul for some TVN drama called "Agency: Cyrano" that noone seems to know anything about:

4. The preview for SHINee's episode of "Dream Team" was also released:

I cannot WAIT to see Key try to play sports...  This should be fun.

That's it for SHINee's weekend.  Here's hoping they got to go home and get some rest, dammit!

As usual, stay tuned for more info, and check out the Oddness/Weirdness Facebook page for even more SHINee pics and vids.  

Source: PP2pinkyTOP89sportsseoultvonsoo leeforevershiningshineecyprus1209QnKholicKMusicLiveSBS, 718gram, spotlight, kimkeyfan, star, everything.  All images credited as tagged and where due.

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