Kpop WTF: Leave SHINee's Jonghyun Alone

As mentioned in my previous post, SHINee has announced plans to release their 2nd Japanese album, which is called "Boys Meet U".  In related news, Jonghyun has been spotted coming in and out of the SM Entertainment building quite a bit recently:

Shinee's jonghyun in front of sm building 130514_1
Jonghyun 130514

Yes.  Jonghyun's hair is now platinum blonde.  I'll give you a moment to squee and/or frown about that...

shinee's jonghyun in front of sm building 130514 2

Ok done.  I'll just add that I was never a big fan of Jonghyun's "Ring Ding Dong" blonde phase, but at least it's actually blonde and not yellow this time.

But I digress.  The good thing about all this news is that this means Jjong is gearing up to return to SHINee.  All together now, "Yayyy!"  The bad thing is that Jonghyun is reportedly still in the process of healing.  Shawols that have recently seen him say his left eye is still red, and Minho was heard on a radio show not long ago saying that his leg is still messed up.  Fans are also reporting that today on Cultwo Radio Show, Minho discussed how Jjong is having a hard time with his voice.

This poor guy.

Here's pics of Jjong in front of the SM building today:

SHINee's Jonghyun in front of SM building 130514_3

Shinee's jonghyun in front of sm building 130514_4

Here's a fan account from the fan who handed Jjong that Givenchy bag:

Excerpts translation of chomin0903’s post on 130514 JongTae @ SM…After waiting shortly a car arrived and blocked him (ie. I think somebody from EXO) from alighting and was very polite to Lee Taemin’s chauffeur and who know it’s Lee Taemin whom alighted!! Tears of joy T_T.Shortly after Kim Jonghyun arrived and the Korean fans asked him to look at the banner after handing it.He looked and smiled coldly and thereafter received gifts from k-shawols. However his left eye was red so he asked the fans “찍지마요” (Do not take).  She said Jonghyun drove slowly.  He was inside SM for a while and came out 5 minutes later to wear his cap and even responded to 안녕히가세요.
 Credits: chomin0903
 via: Eimanjjong twitter 

Guess what time these pics and videos were taken?  You're thinking it's nighttime, just like I did, right?  Nope!  It was the early hours of the morning.  Yes that's right.  Fans were standing outside of the SM building at the crack of dawn.  Shaking my head SO damned hard right now.  Don't they have school to attend or a job to go to?  Jeezus.

Also, notice all these pics and videos of him, even though he said not to take them?  Siggghhhh...

Now let's get one thing straight.  We all know that Jjong is a conceited troll who loves to be seen and to have his pic taken.  You remember watching him walk the streets of Japan on "SHINee's Wonderful Day", acting as if he didn't realize people would recognize him.

Jonghyun meets fans in Shinee's Wonderful Day
Suuuurrre, Jjong... noone will recognize you.

Another time was in 2011 when he got hurt and was on hiatus from the group.  The only way we knew that he was ready to come back was because he decided to take a stroll on the streets of Seoul for his birthday.  Of course he attracted a mini crowd of squealing fans who managed to get fancams of him just walking and smiling for a good 10 minutes.  No veering to go into a store, no going into restaurants.... just walking and smiling.  Eventually he got into a car and left.  At the time I thought (and still think) that he just did that to be seen.

See what I mean?  Jonghyun gives no f*cks.

My point is this: if Jjong wanted you to see him, he'd let you know it in no uncertain terms.  He would beckon for you to come take pics with him and lavish you with his cheeky grin.  He might even give you a hug or a handshake.

How about instead of stalking him you give him some space?  How about you let the guy breathe for a minute, let him air out his eye, nose, leg and whatever other injuries he sustained in the car crash?

I mean, do we REALLY need another SHINee album and tour right this minute?  Can we wait a bit?  I'm thinking Jonghyun and the others need a break that's longer than 3 days, don't you?  Let's let them get rested and refreshed so they can come back hard like we know they can.

All I know is that I want this Jjong back, not a  strained voice/limping version.:

And for God's sake, leave Jonghyun alone when you see him on the street.  I think he deserves that respect and you, as a Shawol, should too.

Source: anneaviel88, jongkeyisinyourface, StormofStarzz via Eimanjjong, translation by chomin0903, KR C.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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