SHINee Reveals Plans For A New Japanese Album

Well hello readers... I'm back!  I was away for 4 days on a trip so I didn't get to post anything on here.  No laptop + away fun = no blogging for me.  That's ok though, because I have lots of stuff to blog about.  This is one of them:

SHINee is going to be releasing their 2nd full length Japanese album on June 26th.  That's right.  Surprise!

Shinee's Boy Meets U 2nd Japanese album teaser

I'll admit I knew nothing about this.  All I knew was that SHINee would be touring Japan in June, which then got pushed back to July because of Jonghyun's accident  (I'm extremely glad that they postponed concert.  I guess SM Entertainment realized that most Shawols prefer SHINee with all of the members present and accounted for).  Next thing you know, they're announcing new albums and stuff.  I'm all, "Wth??" + excited at the same time, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Not much is known about the new album except that it's called "Boys Meet U", that "Sherlock", "Dazzling Girl", "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" and "Fire" will be included and that there will be a total of 12 songs.  Hey SM Ent?  You're doing a great job prying more cash out of our fingers there...  Keep up the good work.

Stay tuned for more info about SHINee and "Boys Meet U"!

How do you feel about this interesting news?  

Source: @thaluuu via EMI Japan.

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