Kpop Flashback: SHINee's "Replay" Through the Years

The other day I wrote a post about how SHINee performed "Replay", sans Jonghyun, on KBS's 700th Episode special and, well... sucked.  I thought that if we watched other performances of "Replay", it would cleanse our brains of that sad spectacle and help us move on to bigger and better things, namely Jonghyun's return and their upcoming Japanese release.

Shinee Replay album cover

First we'll start with SHINee's debut stage, which took place on May 25th, 2008.  As you watch this, keep in  mind that these are teen boys singing and dancing live for the first time on tv.

Doesn't Onew look like he's been doing it forever?

I'd say this was pretty damned impressive.  In fact, as I contrast it with some idol groups that have debuted in the past few years, I feel as if those groups have fallen far short of this mark.  Beaten by 14-16 yr olds... tsk.

SHINee Replay Boom Track Remix 080930:

Jonghyun was a little sharp here, but I love this remix so I had to include it.

On The Muzits- Replay Remix 100814:

Fyi, Minho was filming "Dream Team" while the others were working on this show.

I find it interesting to watch Jonghyun struggle with containing his huge voice so that it blends with the group.  I think he's gotten better at that in the past year or two.

Their first concert, The SHINee World 2011.

I know they were lip syncing, but this is such a cute performance from their first concert tour.

Someone made a comment on Tumblr the other day that SHINee is too old to be doing this song anymore and I kind of agree with her.  Whenever I've seen them do this song in recent times, I feel as if they look so jaded and bored.  They've sung it hundreds of times and they're so over it.  She also said "Replay" is a song that should be sung by teenage boys...  Agreed.

The following is the last time I saw them manage to look excited to be performing this song.  This was also one of the last few times in which they hit all the choreography points really hard like they used to back in the day:

SHINee SMTOWN Live World Tour in Paris 2011:

Sidebar: What's up with Onew's eyebrows here?  If I remember correctly, this is the period when Stormy and I were convinced that Onew had done something wrong and they were punishing him by giving him crazy brows and unflattering hairstyles.

Case in point, watch them at their Japanese Debut Premium Reception in 2012.  I hated this concept because it was like a high color cartoonized version of them in 2008, except they weren't 15 anymore.  Most of them were in their 20s and not too happy with being made to dress like that.  In fact, while doing those promotions, Onew mentioned more than once that he wished they were able to dress more maturely.

I don't blame him, especially since he was the one that had to have a little boy's hair cut and big, curly shoe laces (continuing the trend from my sidebar).  Have you ever noticed that Minho almost always manages to look good, and yet... Wait.   That's a topic for a whole other post.

Hopefully, after last week's debacle, SM Ent will give the boys a break from this song and let them continue to mature into shining men.  I don't want to think of what it will be like if they're forced to perform "Replay" at age 28.

What do you think?  Keep "Replay" in SHINee's repertoire or let them retire it gracefully before it's too late?

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