SHINee Struggles With "Replay" On Music Bank's 700th Anniversary Special

SHINee was on KBS's Music Bank today for the show's 700th Anniversary Special.  The boys performed a special stage of their forever classic "Replay", along with "Why So Serious?" and if you haven't at least watched the "Replay" stage, you should.  Take a look:

shinee's replay special stage music bank 700th


Why So Serious?

Ending with SHINee:

Oh my babies (Yes I call SHINee my babies sometimes, but that's ok; don't judge me)... I have something to say and I'm just going to say it:  I thought that performance of "Replay" was... not good.  If ever there's a song that is so full of Jonghyun's vioce as to render it un-singable by anyone else, that would be "Replay".

I thought Key was out of tune when he was trying to doJjong's parts.  I thought Onew couldn't handle Jonghyun's high notes at all.  Minho was Minho and Taemin was alright (not every song needs vibrato, Taemin) but you could tell he was struggling.  In fact they were all struggling and it showed big time.  I felt bad for them, to be honest.  Even the parts where they let the backing track do the work for them were awkward.  I really wish the Music Bank audio people would've made the backing track louder so that it wouldn't have been as obvious that they were having issues.

I also think that the choreography looks weird without Jonghyun.  Maybe it's because I'm so used to Jjong being there... who knows.

Now, before anyone goes off on me in the comments, I want to say that if you have looked at more than one page of this blog, it would be pretty obvious that I am a HUGE fan of SHINee.  If you scroll down to my tags area, you will notice that I have blogged about them 211 times.  That's a lot.  I feel it's only fair that if I'm going to squee and fangirl over them so many times, I also have to include the negative when there is any to be found.  That being said, I don't remember another time when I have mentioned that I really disliked one of their performances.  Well... that day has come.

What I did like is that they wore cute but simple outfits that are more grown up versions of their "Replay" mv outfits.  Good choice, cordi noonas.  I also think they redeemed themselves with their performance of "Why So Serious?".

I'll just end this here by saying that I'll be happy when Jonghyun comes back, because he is an integral part of SHINee and they need him to complete the group. They've all said the same thing multiple times and I don't blame them.

Oh wait, one last thing:  Can someone make them eat before they fade away to nothing, or Minho's pants just slide right off him mid dance step?  They're starting to look gaunt and it's kinda scary.

What's your opinion?  As usual, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below!

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