UPDATED: G-Dragon In Beijing For His One of a Kind World Tour 130503

I've been slacking lately.  I say I'm all about blogging about G-Dragon AND SHINee but I've mostly been blogging about SHINee lately.  Shame on me, right?  This is partly because GD has been doing his concert thing, which YG Entertainment has been blocking fancams of left and right.  That sucks, dudes.

Besides releasing his "MichiGO" mv, GD has mostly been seen posting tons of stuff on Twitter and Instagram and that's about it.  What really inspires me about GD is his fashion, but lately I haven't been as inspired (imho Thom Browne suits are cute as hell on him but come on).  This, however, shouldn't stop me from posting about all some of the random stuff he does, since I'm supposed to be blogging about GD.  Jeezzz...  So without further ado:

UPDATED: with the full press con.

G-Dragon at his One of a Kind concert press con in Beijing

G-Dragon is currently in Beijing, China for his One of a Kind 2013 World Tour, and he took the time to hold a press conference earlier today.

The concerts will be held on May 4th and 5th.

GD working that cane.

GD posted this image to Instagram before the press con, letting us know just what he was wearing.

As you might remember, he sprained his right ankle at his April 28th concert in Osaka, Japan.  As far as GD is concerned the show must go on, which is why he's been seen walking around and performing with a cane.

Here's GD earlier this morning at Gimpo Airport on the way to Beijing:

He's got his customary Thom Browne on.  He seemed fine on the way there but had to break out the cane when he landed in Beijing.

Poor guy.  Normally a sprained ankle takes at least a few weeks to heal so I wish GD good luck with healing it correctly, especially since he has to be on it so much.

Seungri will be helping his Big Bang brother out at this concert, which should be quite interesting to watch.  Hopefully I'll be able to find some fancams aftewards, because you know this is gonna be good.

Have any of you gone to see G-Dragon yet?  If not, will you?

Source: oceanswbigbangupdatesjpopasiaxxxibgdrgn.  Images credited as tagged.

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