Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "MichiGO"

The day has finally come, even though I thought it would never get here.  I'm talking about the fact that G-Dragon has finally released the mv for "MichiGO", but it was certainly worth the wait, don't you think?  Let's take a look, but make sure you watch it in HD to really appreciate the pops of color.

g-dragon michigo mv screencap and recap

Oh man.  See, I was hoping the "MichiGO" mv would be crazy... and it is!  I knew when GD started releasing his image teasers on Twitter and Instagram that this mv would be a doozy.  This mv is all I could have ever wanted, and more.  It even has a storyline... in a sort of schizophrenic way.

Let's see... Big footed boy with crazy hair gets on the subway, which is appropriately tagged with all kinds of fun graffiti.  

gdragon michigo mv screencap and recap 2

He's reading (a book about Big Bang!  Shocker!), but is interrupted by this crazy dude? girl?  Let's say androgynous figure, (AF for short) who's tapping his/her feet and doing all kinds of crazy stuff on the train.  Super annoying when you're trying to read, btw.  

gdragon michigo screencap 3 and recap

What's even more annoying (for big-footed boy) is that AF starts dancing and playing with a big ass elephant toy in kind of a suggestive way.  However AF has fabulous hair in such a great '70's style, maybe we can give him/her a pass on all these shenanigans he/she is pulling.

All of a sudden we're in a high tech green bathroom, so I'm not sure what is going on.  We meet Big Perm (BP for short) who's all kinds of sassy.  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap 4 and recap
Sassy McSassy-kins aka Big Perm.

BP is taking a leak, yawning, etc.  We segue back to Big Foot, who's on a doctor's chair having his feet checked out.  

gdragon michigo mv screencap 5 and recap
GD has the best pout ever.  He could have all the candy... I mean... What??

Yeah he needs to, because he looks like a modern day hobbit.  He's kinda sad about it; I would be too.  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap 6 and recap

All of a sudden we meet PunkGD, who apparently has been kind of naughty.

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 7 and recap

At this point I can't keep track of the story, but who cares!  It's eye candy galore, plus GD in outfits and wigs!  Fun times.

PunkGD gets spanked, Big Perm dances like a crazy person in the bathroom and pees a lot.  Meanwhile, Big Foot is having issues.  They can't fix his feet.  They even break a fork off on one.  Ouch.  I'm with you GD!  I do have one question:  Why this?

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 8 and recap

Why the bathroom in general?  I'm assuming the song has nothing to do with this, but I digress.  Onwards!  

Then we meet Big Hat, and boy is he a character.  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 9 and recap

He's got a riding crop and he's not afraid to use it.  First the spanking, now the riding crop.  BDSM much, GD??  Anyway, AF is back for some more sassy-tivity.

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 10 and recap
Go AF, go!  I like your rings, btw.  Your jacket is kinda cute too.

Wait... PunkGD is back, and he got pulled into another green room with this girl.

gdragon michigo mv screencap edit 11 and review
GD with gag woman Ahn Young Mi

Ok I'm officially confused.  She pops, locks it and shakes her tits while PunkGD dances like a madman in the background.

Next thing you know, we're in a freaky library with Big Perm, or is that Big Perm #2?  I'm not sure, because he's got a new outfit and a goatee this time.  Wow.  He's trying to study maybe?  I don't know.

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 12 and review

Actually I guess he just wants to dance... like a crazy person.  Woah...  There's another one!  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 13 and review

Now I've totally lost count of how many GD-incarnations there are.  I'm sweating here.  

They're all dancing crazy and stuff, like they do, meanwhile Big Foot is annoyed.  He's in the library (I don't know how, don't ask) and he's trying to concentrate but there's all these shenanigans going on.  Suddenly he's in the brick room with Big Hat, who's got a gun... A laser "G" gun, because he's bad ass.  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 14 and review

Big Foot's in trouble now, because Big Hat is making him dance for his life.  

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 15 and review
Excellent special effects btw. 

Big Foot makes it by the skin of his... feet.  He appears in the subway car again, looking a little dazed, and walks out.  He's wiping his brow, he looks like he made it out ok.  Or has he??  He's forced by unseen hands to dance for his life, and he's still looking pretty out of it... Or is he??

g-dragon michigo mv screencap edit 16 and review

Has he been in cahoots with all the other GD's the whole time?  Who knows, man.  That was confusing as all hell.  All I know is it's been a fun ride once again.  Thanks GD x 7!

Loved the mv, hated it or somewhere in between?  Let me know in the comments.  Stay tuned to Oddness/Weirdness for more of GD's "MichiGO" fashion.  
Source: BIGBANG.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness, take out with full credit.

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