G-Dragon and Taeyang Will Guest Star In CL's First Solo MV

2NE1 CL's solo album debut is fast approaching, and I've got some fun news about that.  Seems as if her label mates and bffs GD and YB will be helping her out with her mv for her upcoming single.  How fun is that?

Last week, GD & YB flooded Instagram and Twitter with pics of themselves hanging out and looking fly while shooting on the set of a mysterious project:

@IBGDRGN: ROCKANDROLLBABY #wild & #young #gdyb #bratson #LAMF 

Taeyang: "은이누나귀여워!! my lovely stylist 

The internets were abuzz with speculation as to what this could possibly be for.  Would GD be releasing a new mv?  Was this for YB's new album?  Was it a fashion partnership?  Well, now we think we know what it's all about.

As for CL, she's been busy getting ready for her album promotions, and she posted this pic today just to remind us:

chaelin_cl: y'all kno ma new singles out on the 28th right?

Alright, girl... looking good!

I'm so excited to see what CL and YG Entertainment have in store for us, aren't you?

CL's single will be released on the 28th of May.  Be sure to stay tuned for more info!

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