2NE1's CL Is Going Solo For A Bit, What Do You Think?

The big YG Entertainment reveal has been made and the huge surprise seems to be that CL is coming out with a solo album.  Cue celebratory music for CL and a game show buzzer sound for 2NE1.  I'm shocked, because as some of you might remember, CL was talking about this in February and mentioned that she would be coming out with her solo album after 2NE1 was done with their own promotions.   As you can tell, we've been trolled but whatever... This is just as exciting.  Read on for more info.

2NE1's CL by Terry Richardson

Who's next? 2NE1 CL YG

At first, speculation was that CL would only be releasing a single but it seems as if she could be releasing a full album.  A YG rep stated:

“It will be an album that is driven by the sexy and energetic image that CL already has. ‘Music that can be shown’ that matches the feel of the beginning of summer has been prepared. Not only will the sound be exceptional, she will again, showcase a new fashion style and a sexy concept that is unprecedented, which will be showcased through iconic performances.”
“If Park Bom has previously showcased music to be heard with her vocal abilities as the weapon, CL will be offering music that can be both seen and heard. Do have a different expectation to this stylish album.”
"This first CL solo song won’t be a pre-release track for a short-term project but [CL's] title track for her regular promotion” 
Sounds awesome!  It seems as if they're saying here that she'll be releasing an album, but that remains to be seen.  I'm dying to know if the first track will be rap, RnB or electronica or maybe even a mix of all three.  CL has the ability to do so many genres so this song (and/or album) could very well be something incredible.

CL 2ne1 selca 130512
CL's instagram selca 130512.

Will CL come out all fierce or will she do the pretty-girly thing?   Pfft...  We know she's gonna go for fierce.

You realize that CL will be going up against female powerhouses like Lee Hyori and Seo In Young during her promotional period right?  :Rubs hands together: This diva face off should be hot as hell.

The single and mv will be out on May 28th (only a few weeks away... what??), followed by full scale promotions on music shows, which will start the week after.

Are you excited for CL's solo album?  Let me know, and stay tuned for more info.

Source: officiallykmusicbillboardyg familyy tumblrygladies.  1st image cr.: Terry Richardson.

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