Video of the Day: Block B's Zico With Ugly Duck and Crush "So Young (Remix)"

There goes my bias list again.  First it was Rain, then GD & T.O.P, SHINee, etc., etc.  But seriously, I've had a slight crush on Zico ever since I realized he could really rap for reals.  I mean, damn.  This man can spit some lines like no tomorrow.  Hold on, though... have you seen this mv for 느낌 So Young (될 대로 되라고 해 Remix) yet?  If not, you must. Go ahead:

Zico So Young Remix mv screencap

Alright guys...  Seriously??  You're killing me here.  The singing, the beats, everything about this song is stellar.  I haven't heard a rap song this good in years, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say this.  I'm not saying this because I think Zico is cute or because I'm a delusional fangirl.  I actually think this is the best rap song I've heard played anywhere in years.  Those are strong words coming from me.  Really strong words.  I say throw this song up against 99% of the other rap songs out right now in the U.S. and this song wins hands down.  

Zico, Crush and Ugly Duck So Young Remix screencap

Zico's rapping skills though!   I mean, that first dude Ugly Duck is good and all, but then Zico came and blew him away.  Sorry guy... it can't be helped.  The singer's name seems to be Crush, and he's excellent as well.  Let's just say I can think of a few famous male American singers in the RnB/Rap category that he could blow out of the water.

Zico So Young Remix mv screencap

Did you know you can download this song for free?  Go dl it at this link or this link.  I definitely am about to go do that right now.  What's with all these artists giving their stuff away for free, by the way?  First Jay Park releases a free track, now these guys do.  You know I'm not complaining right?  I'm just saying.

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What do you think of "So Young"?

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