Jay Park Releases A Free Track, Is Full Of Win

My love affair with Jay Park continues, because today he tweeted a new totally FREE track, appropriately called "2013 Appetizer".  I'm just going to leave this here:

Jay Park releases 2013 Appetizer mv and FREE track.

I wasn't feeling Jay's last released hip hop track but I do love a good hip hop song with a fresh beat so this one passes muster with flying colors.  Oh and Jay's dancing??  Unf.

Jay Park releases 2013 Appetizer mv and FREE track.

This video and track is pretty much Jay Park's f*#k you to Kpop idol-dom and haters in general.  At the end he even talks about how he "...sent $300k to his Moms and Pops to buy a house" and how "haters can eat a dick".  Yessss...

Jay Park releases 2013 Appetizer mv and FREE track.
Loving the new sleeve.  

So in other words, f all y'all.  He's gonna do what he wants to do, when and how he wants to do it.  Good for you Jay.  Meanwhile I'm just going to download it so I can listen to it over and over while dancing.

Jay Park releases 2013 Appetizer mv and FREE track.
More jail house rock tattoos, 'cause he's lived a hard life.

Jay Park will be releasing a new album soon, so get excited.  You can download "2013 Appetizer" here.

Jay says:

Free single as an appetizer for the new album

Lyrics to JAY PARK - 2013 APPETiZER (Prod. by CHA CHA MALONE)

i built this shit from the ground up
and can i mention there will be no 9/11 you can never break me down son
work hard play hard serve bars stay sharp always on the go even though my name is Jay "Park"
i'm on your radar from Sydney to Bangkok, Seattle to Seoul spittin Guru knowledge "Gang Starr"
there's a growin gap between us cause i'm spittin space bars
swimming in women and i do not need no safe guard
i kill mic's man you'll be seein casualites
money good looking boy i get paid handsomely
i be drinkin crown so you can call me majesty
your girl whack me off and you? your just wack to me
you think i give a fuck though?
i be feeling real hard like my homies cut throat
even though its all love throw you off this love boat
so the only question is will i fuck you up? nooo
but i aint a bitch though
while your hating on me boy i be getting rich bruh
get your broad on me on the worst way o0oo0
see them "cakes" when i get her in her birthday suit
got me stiffer than a surfboard
so i'm fuckin her tonight
she be yelling "world star"
and i aint even in a fight

i cherish life man breath by breath
i go out and just do it i aint living check to check
these kids on the block only take it step by step
man i aint no psychic but you bet i'm next
aww yeah don't get it twisted like contortionist's
if you don't see my vision boy then you better focus in
notice it this aint boastfulness blow it up with explosiveness
leaving oceans all motionless recognize i'm the "golden kid"
so you better call Ed Murphy
drunk up in the fast lane yeah i'm swervin
schooling mutha fuckaz boy yeah you learning
flow hot on these heat waves yeah i'm surfing
i'm not perfect but you know i keep it real
always coughing up these raps so u know i keep i ill
you can call me George Foreman cause i'm all up in your grill
man the game is my prey and i'm goin for the Kill

내가시애틀에서왔다고 나를비웃어?
나는니가쓰는해드폰처럼 니 "기" 눌러
이미지부터 내혼까지난 리얼해
baby 난영원히뜨거워
넌겨울날씨에있는커피 빨리식어버려
별보다크게되도 그때나의모습어떨까
척주가뿌셔져도난내사람들을업구가 boy
its aom&1lli bitch
can't nobody fuck with us
if you mad about that
then mothafucka suck it up

Source: jaybumaom0425jayparkaom-1.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.


  1. Now that's more like it! Love it!

  2. What's happened to my avatar!!

  3. Hey you , long time on see! The default avatar is only supposed to pop up when the person doesn't have one of their own. It's been working correctly til now, I think Disqus just doesn't like you. :P

  4. Are you saying you actually like this song?? :)

  5. Disqus hates me! :D I have to log in every time too. Yeah sorry you know how real life gets in the way. I'm off to the States on Saturday so I'll be a little quiet all round.

  6. Yeah I really do like it. Is that a first? :D

  7. Lol no I think you said you liked Gangnam Style and that SNSD I Got A Boy also. That might be it, but it's been awhile. Have fun on your trip!


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