Watch This Now: SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 7 With English Subs

Our favorite subber has come through for us once again and served up some English subs for SHINee's Wonderful Day episode 7.  I'm so happy right now, I could hug her.  Don't forget, you can view all the other episodes with English subs by clicking here.  Now go watch!

Minho waves goodbye to London.

Does anyone else feel bad for Key being all alone in London?  I never would've thought he was shy but damn did I feel sorry for him when people wouldn't talk to him and stuff.   That's just mean.  It wasn't even like he was trying to be a jerk, he just seems like a genuinely nice guy trying to make some friends, except with cameras following him around.  Sigh...  I'd hug him if I could.

Off topic: As you probably know Jonghyun got into a car accident yesterday and sustained a nose fracture.  Well, Key mentioned yesterday during their Fire Special Showcase that Jjong is ok and to make sure to send him tons of good wishes through his Twitter account.  I already did, so make sure you do too!

What did you like (or not like) about this episode?

Source: airyarielle0718.
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