Watch SHINee's Lunar New Years Special "SHINee's Wonderful Day"

As usual I have to say that I LOVE Shawols because SHINee's Lunar New Years special "SHINee's Wonderful Day" aired in Korea today and it's already been uploaded to YouTube in beautiful HD.  Krisbrows7, you are fabulous and thank you.

You can watch it below but, just to let you know, it's not subbed yet.  I did hear that there's some Minho speaking in English in it, and no I haven't watched it yet.  I have to post these things as soon as possible, right?   I'll upload the special with English subs as soon as it becomes available.

Watch Shinee's Wonderful Day Lunar New Years special.

Watch or save it quickly before it gets taken down!

The choreography you see in the beginning could very well be for "Dream Girl", since it's new and all.  Enjoy!

What did you think of "SHINee's Wonderful Day"??

Source: krisbrows7autisstatis via TopStarNews, allkpop.



  1. why am I so late today??!! So many feels... SHINee really wanna kill me with all the good news
    I heard it will be ext. to 10 episodes, yaaaayyy so happy, it will be the first one after Hello Baby (Yoogeun-ah, miss youuuu)
    I watch in YT but no sub and I still watch it like idiot, someone sub it please TT TT

  2. Ikr?!?! A new Shinee show! Hello Baby was so cute and not long enough. That show made me start wanting to know all about the boys. I downloaded this so I could watch it later.


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