SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's Group Teasers For "Dream Girl" + Get Some Of Taemin's Fashion

SM Entertainment has so redeemed themselves after yesterday's "Dream Girl" teasers featuring Onew.  I didn't love those pics but I do love SHINee's new group teasers.  Take a look at these fabulous boys, looking fresh to death in their nouveau baroque patterns, in those intriguing cuts and fits.  

Shinee's Dream Girl group teasers + Taemin's fashion
OnewTaeminJonghyunMinho and Key are always ahead of the curve, fashion-wise.

See the rest of the "Dream Girl" teasers here.

I can't wait to see more of these pics in their HD glory.  I'm actually really considering buying their physical album when it comes out, which I've never done.  That's how much I'm enjoying this concept so far.  The pictures are gorgeous and, yes, dreamy in that fuzzed out "I'm a little bit high" kind of way.  Loving it!

SHINee's "Dream Girl" will be available on the 19th at iTunes, as well as other domestic sites.  Plus, they've teamed up with MelOn for a special preview event that they're calling "SHINee Music Spoiler".  This event will be taking place at Seoul's Olympic Hall on the 14th, where they'll be previewing songs from the album and showing making-of clips.

I'm so jealous, but I'm sure we'll get to see tons of pics and fancams from this event in a quick and efficient manner.  Shawols are really good like that.

I promised you some fashion, didn't I?

Taemin is wearing the Joyrich Sunrise Blossom Crewneck Sweater.

Get Shinee Taemin's Dream Girl fashion
Click here to purchase.

You can get it at Karmaloop.com for $110.

If you're not feeling the sweater, you can always go for something a bit more low key:

Get Shinee Taemin's Dream Girl fashion
Click here to purchase.

The Joyrich Sunrise Blossom Beanie is available at DollsKill.com for only $59.  Extra cute, right?  

Or if you're feeling super sassy you can choose this option:

Get Shinee Taemin's Dream Girl fashion
Click here to purchase.

This skirt is priced at $98 at NastyGal.com.  Adorbs!  Be sure to let me know if you want me to hunt up more of their teaser fashion.

So we just have a few more days to wait 'til the release of "Dream Girl" and the mv.  Will the mv teasers be released tomorrow?  Will it be song teasers?  Who knows, but I'm having fun waiting for it.

Source: intaeworldallkpopnastygaldollskillkarmaloop.


  1. Key looks rather fetching ^.~

  2. and now all shawol welcoming one new member, Pony-ssi... some even call the pony : Oppa!!
    really hope tomorrow they will give us a lil bit of the track

  3. Lollllll!!!! That is hilarious! I almost choked on my spit. Hahahaaaa...

  4. My eyes caught by Jjong's height. He looks taller xDD I loved their pattern. Wondering their teaser are connected w/ their MV..

    1. Well I think that has to do with insoles and forced perspective on the pic, but he does look pretty tall there. :)


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