Make Time For Onew From SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teaser Pics

Onew's "Dream Girl" teaser pics from SHINee's February 19th comeback are finally here!  They saved the best for last, right?  Wrong, because wth?  I was expecting more from you, SM Entertainment.

Shinee Onew's Dream Girl teaser pics have been released.

Shinee Onew's Dream Girl teaser pics have been released.

Shinee Onew's Dream Girl teaser pics have been released.

The love the composition and the dreaminess (no pun intended) of the first pic and the second pic is great too.  However, what is he doing in that last one?  Also, is he wearing a Thom Browne jacket, which does not match or blend or anything in any way with those pants?  You're killing me, cordi noonas.  


Wait.  Is that a sheet on the ground?  I'm confused. 

Real or not?  You be the judge:

Shinee Onew's Dream Girl teaser pics have been released.

Ok boys and girls of all ages:  Which teaser pics are your favorites and why?

See you tomorrow with another installment of, "What Is This Even?"

Source: @kor_celebritiesMinstalforever.


  1. I remember Sherlock era, when they gave us a shocking teaser pics with almost naked Taemin (I laugh with his white legging) and the others but not Onew, he stole my heart with his cute baby smile hiding in blanket. And now they give me another blanket but with full dress!! I wanna see his abs!! tsk tsk I'm such a pervert

    And Donald Duck behind him, whatthe??? Oh okay, still cute.

    I see toy gun and bubble bottle, and the pony, mmm why I have a feeling of country music?

    So far I love both Key and Taemin teasers, Onew will be the third, Jjong and the last one is Minho (baby I love you but gimme more)

  2. Sherlock teasers killed me, but I actually hated Onew's and Minho's teasers because of their hairstyles. This is a big improvement over that IMHO.

    I don't hate these pics, I was just expecting a lot more from them. I bet they saved the best pics for the albums. I do wish they'd saved Taemin's pics for last and Key's pics for 2nd to last so I didn't have huge expectations.

    I wonder if tonight they'll give us teasers of the whole group or a song teaser or video teaser?? If that was the Dream Cirl choreo in the Wonderful Day show, I love it already. Gah! Excited!

  3. is the song also playing in that show coz I hear their voices in bgm but it's a new song, maybe one of the song or big posibility it's Dream Girl, they wont play that song without reason right?

    (right now my friend laugh at me bcoz of my broken engrish, forgive me)

    1. Haha no problem! I get u.

      I have to listen to the background of that show again because I was too busy being all "AWW!" and "They're so CUTE and HAPPY" to really notice it... Lol.


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