UPDATED: SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teasers Featuring Not-So-Baby-Anymore Taemin Have Been Released!

Yesterday was Key's turn but today it's all about Taemin.  His teasers from SHINee's "Dream Girl" comeback have been unleashed on us unsuspecting mortals and they are a doozy.  Look at them, just look at them!  I think I'm about to faint...

(Updated: even bigger pics!)

Shinee's Dream Girl teasers feat. Taemin are released.

Shinee's Dream Girl teasers feat. Taemin are released.

Shinee's Dream Girl teasers feat. Taemin are released.

It is official: Taemin is trying to kill me.  Look at that eyeliner and the sexy gaze.  It's too much for my fragile heart!  Also, look at that... horse?  Wtf??  I would say something about how at least he's not half naked across a chair but I have a feeling that his body has filled out a little bit since the Sherlock teasers.

So Key got to be cute and chic but Taemin is the sexy ladder climber/horse handler.  Innnteresting.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with Onew, Minho and Jonghyun.

I just have one favor to ask you, SM ent.:  PLEASE don't make any of them have mushroom hair styles.  Thanks a bunch, mmkay?

Source: forever_shinee via TaemTree.


  1. OMG!!!! i look into his eyes and see a baby, but when you look at the whole pic he looks like a grownup now!!! These pics are killer and your not the only one that he is trying to , lol!!!

  2. Lol I know right? Craziness. I especially love that first pic.

  3. Taeman grown up as a sexy vampire, (bite me bite me plizzzzz...) when I see the outfit I remember Joyrich, idek why
    I think the cotton and the desk-chair will also feature in others teaser, can't wait to see OnJjongHo ^ ^

    Ooh I'm curious yeah..

  4. I'm so curious also. And that outfit is Joyrich, or at least the bear shirt is. More tomorrow yay! Hopefully an mv teaser soon.

  5. Wow! You changed the head-pic from DG in Vogue to KEY? That's risky, girl! Or, at least, proves that your expectations are huge! I read somewhere that the album's concept is "dream", and I perfectly catches the The science of sleep's feel in these cotton's clouds. (The science of sleep: awesome Gondry's movie, with Gael García Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg.) And also, like a locket and fan of Electric Heart (on Lucifer's album), I feel the chills when I read that the composer of that song, also compose one of the new ones.

    Too much info? Oh, sometimes I adore the korean fandom of shawols!!

    1. Welll A. I love Key... He's my bias in Shinee. B. I've been meaning to use Shinee on the header for awhile now and this pic is great. Lastly, I expect that they'll be awesome as usual. They're never boring, that's for sure.

      Never too much info. I love reading about people's opinions and observations. It makes me think and that's always a good thing. Plus it's always nice to know that u guys that read the blog are smart. :)

      What goodies will we have in store for us today??

  6. I just realized that the comment I had posted the other day in reply to this never got posted.

    I mentioned that I love knowing that people that comment here are smart... Lol. Never too much info! I don't mind being made to think.

    As for Key, I changed the banner because I've been planning to do a Shinee one for awhile and didn't want to re-use the one I have on the blog FB page. I expect that I'll be blown away by their new stuff, as I usually am. :)


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