SHINee Has Plans For Another Japanese Comeback With "Fire"

Damn SHINee! I've been patiently awaiting your upcoming Korean comeback and you totally said you'd be having said Korean comeback.  Next thing I know people are saying you're going to be releasing a Japanese single album on March 13th.  What's up with that?  

SHINee Japanese Comeback "Fire"

SHINee will be releasing a new single album, entitled "Fire" on March 13th.

Seriously though, if you click on this link here, you'll be able to see the SHINee boys swearing up and down that they'll be having a Korean comeback soon as well as overseas activities (aka Japan).  This better be coming to pass or I'll be getting on a plane to Korea to have some words.  Ok not, but I can certainly imagine it.

SHINee Japanese Comeback "Fire"

Rumor has it that some Shawols are pissed off about this but I can't imagine why.  As you can tell by "1000 Days", SHINee is not limited to making good Korean music.  They can work it out in all kinds of languages, like Engrish and awkward Japanese (except Key, he's just that good).

I do get it though.  Last year the boys promoted for a few months with "Sherlock" in Korea and then they were off to Japan for pretty much the rest of the year.  They weren't out of the loop by any means, and in fact they were more in the news while overseas than I've ever seen.  However, I know we all want them to promote in Korea for longer than a few months and with more than one song, so lets cross our fingers.

SHINee Japanese Comeback "Fire"

Can we talk about how good they look in this first pic?  Let's not talk about the crappy photoshopping that was used in the 2nd and 3rd pics.  I could've done that myself and I barely know how to use Photoshop.  Smdh.

Scroll down for more info on the "Fire" single album, and yes you did read that right.  The second single is called "Moon River Waltz".  If this is not an Onew solo or a Jonghyun/Onew collaboration, then I can't even with that.  I'll just hold my judgement until it comes out.

Limited Edition (First Press)

Price 2,500 yen ($26.96)

Product Number: OCT-40470 <POPS> STEREO
Main Contents CD + DVD + 16 Page Photo Booklet of original photo-shoot pictures
Included in Package:
  •  "Fire" Special Showcase Lottery Application Flyer
  •  One of six random trading cards
  • Original sticker
  • The DVD includes the "Fire" Music Video as well as the Music Video/Jacket Shooting Sketch.



M1. Fire
T1. Fire Music Video <Complete Ver.>
T2. Fire Music Video <Lip-Synch Ver.>
T3. Fire Jacket & Music Video shooting Sketch

Regular Edition (First Press)

Price 1,200 yen ($12.94)

Product Number: OCT-40471 <POPS>STEREO
Main Contents CD
Included in Package:
  • "Fire" Special Showcase Lottery Application Flyer
  • One of six random trading cards
  • Original Sticker



M1. Fire
M3. Fire [Instrumental]
M4. MOON RIVER WALTZ [Instrumental]

Those who buy the single can eligible for these benefits:(1) An invitation to the "Fire" Special Showcase
4/2 (Tuesday) - Zepp Tokyo
4/3 (Wednesday) - Zepp Namba
*Additional details will be released later. Attendees will be decided by lottery.

(2) Store Buyers: B2 Poster
Out of two types, buyers will receive one at random.
Some stores won't be participating, make sure to check before you purchase.
Buy the album in advance, as posters are limited.

(3) Online Buyers: Raw Photo
Out of six types, buyers will receive one at random.
Types include each member's solo shot + a group photo.
Some websites won't be participating, make sure to check before you purchase.
Buy the album in advance, as photos are limited.

What's going on with this Lip Sync version music video, by the way?  What does that even mean?  I'm kind of scared to find out.

Lastly, enjoy a video from today of SHINee talking about attending the Korean Music Wave 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Stay tuned for more info on my boys!

Are you excited for SHINee's Japanese comeback?

Source:  shinee.jp and joAnnwashere@sfi via OmonaTheyDidnt.



  1. I was so excited when Minho said they will have a comeback in spring but then they announced another Japanese comeback again, ugggghhh I really want their Korean comeback so badly, I love their Japanese songs and I know they got more profit in Japan but it's been a year since their Korean mini album and 3 years since their full album.They are Korean artist tho

    whatever, I will always support them. People assuming Fire as a rock song but I'm more curious with Moon River Waltz, I can imagine they do waltz on ice

    So maybe they will go bald for Korean comeback? XD

  2. LOL! Now that made me laugh. Can u imagine? Hahahaaa. Maybe they'll all get long luxurious weaves??

    I am with u on the Korean comeback. They need to have one, which I'm sure they're going to, I just don't want it to b super short like last year. How annoying, seriously. SM needs to quit that.

  3. Wow, a haircut does wonders for Taemin's hotness. *koff* And I do wonder what Onew's looking at with such suspicion in that piccy...

  4. Onew is giving serious bitch face in one of those pics. Lets not talk about Taemin's hair and hotness. He's too young for me to be looking at like that. ;)


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