Jonghyun From SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teaser Photos + Some News

SHINee is in the midst of their teasing spree for their soon to be released album,  "Dream Girl", and they've just rationed out Jonghyun's teasers to us like we're some sort of ravenous fangirls.  Oh wait, we so are.

Shinee releases Jonghyun's Dream Girl teaser pics

Shinee releases Jonghyun's Dream Girl teaser pics

Shinee releases Jonghyun's Dream Girl teaser pics

They're continuing with that whole cloud and dream concept from Key and Taemin's teasers, which ties in very well with the title "Dream Girl".  That first pic of Jonghyun is gorgeous, except he looks like he's wearing pajamas.  

I'm pretty sure all the floral outfits they've been wearing so far have been Joyrich.  Taemin's bear shirt from his teasers is definitely Joyrich (more info to come on that topic).

To be honest, I'm not as blown away by these pics as I was by the previous sets.  These are just kind of blah to me.  Meh.  

In other great news, it seems as if Onew has written a song for the album.  The song is called Neomani Nal (It's You).  This will be the second song that Onew has written for a SHINee album, the first one being "Your Name" from the "Lucifer" album.  I also heard a rumor that this song would be an Onew solo but that could very well be a rumor.  We'll see, right?

If you need me, I'll just be here waiting for February 19th when the album is released.

Source: @kor_celebritiesshineee.net.


  1. I can't sleep last nite cos I had a feeling of Minho teaser will come out today but then they give us Jjong, well I still like it.

    Is that Key in the 2nd pic?

    I wonder if Onew will write alot of "iroke (like this)" like in Your Name, I love that song tho

  2. You know what? I don't even know if I've ever listened to it. Going to go check it out now. You might have to revive me after I faint from the feels.


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