Get Ready To Fangirl: G-Dragon To Make A Comeback in March

This is totally just confirmation of news that has been floating around since G-Dragon announced his World Tour, but it's been announced that GD will be making a comeback with a new solo album in March.  Cue celebratory music now!

So yeah I'm excited as hell, because GD will be releasing his solo album on March 30th, around the time that he embarks on his World Tour.

We knew he had the tracks ready for this album because last year YG Entertainment confirmed that Ludacris would be doing a collab with GD.  Rumors were also flying about a collab with Missy Elliot but noone could confirm till this happened:

Missy Elliot tweets about G-Dragon collaboration

Hmm, interesting!  Missy and Luda are so '90s and early 2000s but a lot of great music came out then so I'm excited.  Missy needs to make a comeback herself, actually.

Guess what though?  2NE1 will also be making their comeback in March.  Supposedly.  We'll just stay tuned with that one.

All of these comeback dates are tentative, so stay tuned for more info.

Are you excited about GD's comeback?

Source: enewsworld, dkpopnews.


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