Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang Are Hot Hipsters For Vogue Korea's March Issue

Big Bang's Taeyang and G-Dragon will be featured in next month's issue of Vogue Korea and this editorial is shaping up to be a hot one.  We know Vogue Korea treats GD very well (like this beautifully creepy 2009 editorial), so I was anticipating that this editorial would be excellent and they sure did not disappoint.

G-Dragon and Taeyang for Vogue Korea March 2013

G-Dragon and Taeyang for Vogue Korea March 2013

G-Dragon and Taeyang for Vogue Korea March 2013

As soon as these pics popped up on my Twitter timeline, I literally gasped.  I'm still kind of speechless.  Why?  Well, because of Taeyang's hair!  No, not those damned blonde braids... I'm talking that fab fro hawk.  Why is he even covering that up with this ugliness?  His real new hairstyle is just hot as hell and yet he insists on looking like a battering ram.  I don't understand.  Someone please explain it to me??

On the other hand,  GD's wig/weave is kind of stunning.  I sense many copycats in the near future because (as you might know) I'm psychic like that.

I love the saturated color and the mundane settings made hipster vs. pop art.  Very well done, Hong Jang Hyun.

Remember this pic?

G-Dragon and Taeyang for Vogue Korea March 2013

Noted fashion photographer Hong Jang Hyun tweeted this last week and hinted that we'd love Taeyang's new hair style and he was not kidding.

Seems as if he also took the gorgeous pics for GD's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, as well as the pics for Big Bang's "Extraordinary 20s" photo book and many more, I'm sure.

Of course I'll post the rest of these photos and any attached articles as soon as they are available, so don't be a stranger!

What did you think of the pics?

Source: @kor_celebrities via Vogue Korea, gdragonuk via @hongjanghyun.

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