B.A.P Releases Action Movie-esque "One Shot" Album Teasers Of Himchan & Bang Yong Guk

Well look what we have here!  B.A.P is all set to release yet ANOTHER mini album, so we've been graced with Himchan and Bang Yong Guk's dark and extra dramatic photo teasers.  Don't these guys need a mini break first??

B.A.P One Shot mv photo teaser Bang Yong Guk

B.A.P One Shot mv photo teaser Himchan

It's been said that the mv for "One Shot" will be, as I said, dramatic.  Judging by these teasers, I'm assuming the mv will be story driven and shot with those jiggly camera shots where you feel like you're RIGHT THERE while they run around and pretend to know martial arts...  Plus explosions.  I'm crossing my fingers now.

Apparently the mv teaser was supposed to be released today also but was held back for quality reasons.  In that case, I'm expecting Oscar worthy performances.  Work on that.

B.A.P will be revealing their second mini album, titled "One Shot" on February 12th.  The mv for the title track will also be released that day.

Are you excited to see B.A.P's new mv?

Source: onekpop

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