Video of the Day: Super Junior-M's "Break Down"

Super Junior-M released their new album and mv "Break Down" on January 7th (January 6th Korean time) and have already managed to accrue over 800,000 views on YouTube so far.  Good for them!  Watch the mv below.

Super Junior-M releases the Break Down mv.

I'm writing while in a state of minor shock, since I seem to like this song and I wasn't expecting these developments at all.  I was led to believe, by the teaser, that this song would suck but I guess SM Entertainment was trolling.

I'm not going to write a long synopsis about this song, because it'd pretty much go something like: SM Entertainment uses dubstep blah blah... Electro blah de blah.  Been there, seen that.  I like it and that's that; but I do have a few observations to make in screencap form.

You guys are right, Zhou Mi is hot:

Super Junior-M releases the Break Down mv.

I don't know how I feel about that hair though.

I'm in extreme like with the choreography but this is my favorite move:

Super Junior-M releases the Break Down mv.

Did they save all the best dancers for this sub-unit?

Henry?  That face + he can dance?  ASKASLFJALFJAFSD!:

Super Junior-M releases the Break Down mv.

What in the actual heck is this??  

Super Junior-M releases the Break Down mv.

No Siwon, no.  Just... no, nyet, nien.  Also, why no dancing??  Tsk.

What did you think of Super Junior-M's "Break Down" mv?

Source: SMTOWN.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with proper credit.



  1. i think it's a really great mv but...But seriously, I just keep getting frustrated at Siwon's hat. like ok, recycling is good SM, but please just don't show it that often, it kinda hurts my eyes!!! You could have waited a little bit instead of just taking it off from Eunhyuk in Maxstep and throwing it here. I personally think it fits him ok but not more than that. well that was my frustration of the mv lol ^W^

  2. I just realized after reading this that I never watched the Maxstep mv or listened to the song. Wow. Am I missing anything besides Eunhyuk in that butt ugly hat?


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