Steal Their Style: Get SHINee Key's Sneakers + More

I love Kpop fashion to death but a lot of it is pretty expensive, right?  Well my new series is all about stealing your biases' style without spending all of that hard earned cashola.  I'll be posting about where you can buy an item that's inexpensive or where you can get something similar for a lot cheaper.

First up is SHINee's Key:

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style
Key's airport style 130113

You know I love Key's style and this outfit is no exception.  I don't normally wear sneakers but I'd make an exception for these Vans:

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style- Vans sneakers
Buy the Vans Sk8-Hi platform here.

The Vans Sk8-Hi platform is only $80.  There's even a snake version and a sequins version for $75 if you're looking for something more fun.

Of course I am enamored with polka dots and this bag is no exception:

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style- Zatchels
Buy the Zatchels polka dot satchel here.

This satchel is by the brand Zatchels and is only £91 or $144.21, which is very cheap for a handmade bag.  

I'm still looking for a pic and buy link to his Joyrich t shirt.  It looks like a leather daddy BDSM bear holding a whip, which is soooo, so funny to me.  Go Key!

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style -3

Key always has great accessories and his hat collection is always on point.

Steal Key from Shinee's style -4

Steal Key from Shinee's style -5
Buy the VAGX x Madhatter "Homeboy" snapback here or here.

The VAGX x Madhatter snapback is ₩39,000 ($36.54), or £40 ($63.39).

I've wanted this Phenomenon jacket since I saw Key wear it at  Vogue Fashion's Night Out:

Steal Key from Shinee's style

Steal Key from Shinee's style
Phenomenon Baroque Print jacket

But unless you find it on Ebay, it's pretty much sold out.  Want something similar?

Steal Key from Shinee's style
Buy the Rag Union Foiled Camo jacket here

I just found that jacket on Urban Outfitters for $99 and it reminded me of Key's jacket.  No baroque print but I'll take what I can get!

Last one for today is Key's airport fashion from the last week:

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style -7
Damn he looks tired here.

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style -5
Get Key's Peace, Love and Understanding tee here.

The tee by Peace, Love and Understanding is on sale here for ₩75,600 ($70.84), which I would never pay for a t-shirt.  However you can get the girl version here:

Steal Key from Shinee's airport style -6
Get the girl version here.

It's on sale for $36 from $120... what a steal.

I'll be doing more of these posts this year as I find more interesting pieces.  Definitely feel free to let me know if there's any pieces you want me to look for, and be sure to let me know if you buy any of these items.  

What do you think of Key's style?  Would you incorporate some of these pieces into your wardrobe?



  1. I'd never wear Vans even if I love them, because it's so connected with the surfer/skateboarder look. Like Quiksilver and Billabong.

    I try to avoid any "labels" now so people can't look at me and say "God look at that old guy in those ****** trainers trying to look like a teenager. By avoiding labels and just going with stuff I love I do try to look like a teenager but without walking around in all the latest labels. If that makes sense?

  2. I agree with you on the labels thing, and I don't normally wear Vans, but these are nice because they don't scream Vans. I never wear any surf/skate brands at all, but Key manages to make them look cool. I didn't even realize they were Vans until I happened to see them on Karmaloop. I can so see you in that Homeboy hat, though. :)

  3. Yeah that hat is cool. :D


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