SHINee's Key and BEAST's Hyun Seung at Vogue Korea x MCM's Fashion's Night Out 120906

SHINee's Key and BEAST's Hyun Seung were invited to attend Vogue Korea's x MCM Fashion's Night Out event that took place in Korea today.  They looked great, especially Key, who was in rare form.

I found TONS of pics (and a few videos) of Key and about 10 not that great pics of Hyun Seung, which I find to be pretty sad.  Where are all the BEAST fangirls and why don't you have good cameras?  Shaking my head at them right now.

Check out these fabulous pics and video below and ESPECIALLY check out Key's outfit.  I swear those are Taemin's fave pants made into shorts.

I'll be sure to update if I find more Hyun Seung pics later.

Here's some video of Key being a camera whore and almost falling off that MCM scooter:

f(x)'s Krystal and Super Junior's Siwon were also there.  

Krystal looks boring and why does Siwon have on a tux, of all things?

Here's the set up:

Source:  @MCM_Korea , forever_shinee, marsh mallowBEASTportugal, hyunseung-credit as tagged.


  1. Nice! Awesome pictures! 2 beautiful boys ^^

  2. OMG, Love all the pic!!! Two of my fav divas, lol!!! Sorry, as a b2uty I am really sad that we weren't there to take better pic, but if I was there you would have had great pics, lol!!! I would have e-mailed you first with all the good pics of both of them, lol!!!

  3. I just love the way with these guys that anything goes, but it works. I never quite understand why anyone, of any age or gender dresses in a boring way. Life is too short to be dull isn't it?

  4. Totally agree with you on that. They always inspire me. :)

  5. OMFG I'm all over that video there O_O I'm the blonde with the denim vest in the background.. LOLOL

  6. Wow! Lucky u! Was Key as pretty in person as he is on camera? Details please! Lol

  7. Nope, he looks WAY BETTER irl. .So you can imagine how overwhelming that was : P

  8. Damn... I figured. I'm a huge fan of Key, as u can prob tell by this blog lol.


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