INFINITE H's Teaser For "Special Girl" Gives Me Feels

Dongwoo and Hoya seem to be chomping at the bit to officially debut their sub-unit of INFINITE, called INFINITE H.  They released a teaser for "Fly High" on January 6th and now they're back with a new mv teaser.  The song is called "Special Girl" and it is just too delightful.  I must spazz... but watch first:

Woolliment sure does know wtf they are doing, don't they?  They tease you with teasers, but not too much.  They flash you tantilizing bits of songs with a certain distinctive quality that (so far) makes me think this debut is going to blow my socks off.  They show us that they're going to spend the same amount of money and attention on all their groups, whether they're as established as Hoya and Dongwoo or not.  I really like that in an entertainment company, don't you?

Plus the fashion!  The fashion has me squee-ing already, even though they have Dongwoo wearing a bit too many clashing colors and an overabundance of accessories.  

I can live with that.  Wait... Who am I to talk??  I wear tons of accessories.  

Hoya sure does look good too.  He's rocking that suit:

Hoya and Dongwoo are looking good in general, and Dongwoo in particular.  He looks quite cute with that pink/purple-ish hair.

Cuteness abounds.

Not to be outdone, decided to look Hoya pensive and cute.

Exploding ovaries since 1991.

Because he broods.  He's a brooder, or that's what he wants you to think.

I am eagerly awaiting the 11th of January for the release of this album.  So far the songs sound like they just might be epic and I'm sure the videos will be epic and engrossing.  The dancing will be to the nth degree of epic, I bet.  I'm going to have to prepare myself for this one.

The one thing I'm not excited about for this debut is the affected accent Hoya likes to rap in.  It's a tad bit annoying dude... I hope he doesn't go there too much, or I might have to do a lot of rolling of my eyes.  That might be painful after awhile.

INFINITE H's album, "Fly High", will be released on 1/11/13 and they will be holding their first debut stage on SBS's Inkigayo

Stay tuned for more coverage of INFINITE H and a fashion post!

What about you?  Are you excited about INFINITE H's official debut?

Source: woolliment.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.



  1. Okay.. that's it. I'm done! -throws paper in the air-

  2. wow cant wait for this..so excited to watch it..

  3. I'm going to walk behind u, scoop up all the cash and use it to buy the album. Just an FYI. :P


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