INFINITE H Heads Your Way With A Teaser For "Fly High"

If you're familiar with INFINITE, you'll know all about the rappers/dance machines of the group named Hoya and Dongwoo.  Those said rappers decided to pair up into a new subgroup named INFINITE H.  The H stands for hip hop, which will be quite different than their main group's '80s redux sound.

We got to see some of what they're capable of on the Gayo Daejuns but Woolliment has released a teaser for a new song, "Fly High" from their soon to be released album.

INFINITE H Fly High teaser image

So besides the fact that if I hear anyone else in Kpop say "Leggo" I might scream, this sounds very promising.  I also love the fact that Woolliment went all out on this sub unit's promotional material and mv because it all looks awesome.  No performing in boxes for them... so far.  One thing I'm not in love with?  The use of a stationary car in the mv.  Not very imaginative, guys.

INFINITE H Fly High teaser image

Hoya and Dongwoo will be performing at the UNIQULO AX in Seoul on January 10th in an exclusive showcase, and releasing their new album January 11th.  

In case you missed it, here's INFINITE H performing "Without You" on MBC's Gayo Daejun:

More to come!
What do you think of INFINITE H's new teaser?

Source: Woollimentallkpop, soompismystique6985.



  1. wow. they look good. the fans are so fired up too x_x

  2. Yeah I can't wait to hear their album. They're very talented.


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