Video of the Day: Block B's Zico Performs "Battle Royal" at the DIMA Student Music Festival

I rarely ever post something at the crack of dawn, but that's what I'm doing right now because my feels are exploding all over the place.

I happened to come upon one of these fancams a few minutes ago and had to upload it, since it contains footage of Block B's Zico performing his song "Battle Royal" onstage at the DIMA Student Music Festival on 121206.  Then I found another that included the beginning of his performance, so I'm posting both.

Block B Zico Battle Royal Dima Student Music Festival 121206 fancam

Zico- Battle Royal @ DIMA Student Music Festival

Zico is so damned good... he kills me.  

Do you love this performance or what?  

Source: PK920708zicobabyyy.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. Yeah! This was the first video/song that I hear/see in this glorious morning! I hope that someday, some really lovely BBC, will upload the live presentation of "I be better next time". Even knowing his powerful stage's "charisma" (in the kpop's sense of the word), I can't imagine his face doing it. Zico + ballads = !!?

  2. I'm still flailing and fangirling over here on my way to work. I'm so excited about this performance, u have no idea.

    Zico and ballads = me probably laughing, sad to say. Unless its a rap ballad.


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