SHINee's Jonghyun and Key Are Flirty and Coy For Jille Magazine + Interview (Eng Trans)

For awhile there you might have thought that JongKey was no more but they've recently been all over each other again.  I've seen some handsy fancams from the last SHINee World II concert and they've been super flirty and touch-y in World Date With SHINee.  Well now they're taking it even further in the January 2013 issue of Jille magazine.

SHINee JongKey Jille Magazine scans + interview eng trans


SHINee JongKey Jille Magazine scans + interview eng trans

SHINee JongKey Jille Magazine scans + interview eng trans

SHINee JongKey Jille Magazine scans + interview eng trans

P-COAT - Pea coat + shirt coordination will give an effect of a punch in details
Jonghyun and Key, who are known for being close in their daily life made their appearance for the second volume!
Both of them who are highly interested in fashion talked about pea coats which are the theme for this month, and also talked about girls' fashion.

We both speak openly, that's why we can understand each other.

Jonghyun: People always think that I'm a cold person when meeting me for the first time because I'm shy with strangers. Then the impression will change as we get along together.
Key: Yup, exactly. I thought so too because you didn't talk much. I've been told that I look scary, but on the other hand I was also told that I look like a very cheerful person. Who would have thought that we can be this close. Still, it took us 2 years to be like this.
Jonghyun: We took quite some time (laugh). As for now, we spend a lot of time together even among the members.
Key: As we get along together, we found out that we share the same interests and there are a lot of other things that we have in common, right? We both love clothes, our favorite food is quite similar, and we both are interested in Japanese language.
Jonghyun: Still, whenever we go out shopping for clothes, we have to go to the shop that you prefer, then to the one that I want to go because we like different brands though.
Key: Even when we go shopping we want different things. Since we're members, it's inevitable for us to have holidays on the same day. Most of the time we met up unplanned, after asking each others' whereabouts. Since we're both guys, I can't say we're dating... What do we call this relationship?
Jonghyun: I wonder what should it be called? (laugh). Still, it's really pleasant to have Key around. I know your taste, after all. For example, when I went to a clothing store alone I thought, "This looks like it will suit Key well," then the store assistant told me, "Key wanted that before." Key knows my taste well too so whenever you gave me clothes as birthday present, they could never be wrong. We know each other up to that point, don't we?
Key: It's because we're both being frank. We're honest in expressing our opinions, saying what we like and what suits you and what doesn't, that's how we can understand each other.

The most important thing is whether it suits that person or not.

: Key doesn't like wearing same clothes as others, right?
Key: Yup. That's why whenever I go to the store I ask the staff there, "How many pairs of these clothes are available in this store?" I love one of a kind clothes.
Jonghyun: I like clothes that fit my body. It will make me look slender. I don't really wear styles like in the photoshoot today, but I'll think of buying and trying on clothes like this for winter this year. It's good because it's warm.
Key: I like the color. I like clothes in flashy colors that will make me stand out in the crowd. Warm colors like this are fine too but there are also blue and others.
Jonghyun: Today's theme was pea coat. The last time I wore a pea coat was during my school days. How about you, Key?
Key: I have some. Speaking about pea coats, no matter where you go or whatever type you buy, usually they're simple. That's why I feel like wearing something flamboyant for the inner [clothing layer].
Jonghyun: Even for girls, when they are wearing pea coats, they will look cute if they put effort in selecting the right colors for the tops inside. Especially since in autumn and winter there are a lot of dark colors so it's better if they wear flashy colors like red or orange for the tops inside the coat. Then, I think they will look cute if they match them with mini skirts. I feel like long skirts won't give a good balance for pea coats.
Key: The 'boyfriend look' that girls in Korea usually wear is cute too. They wear body fit tops that make them look feminine inside the pea coats, but the pea coat itself are big. They hang the coat over the shoulder without slipping in the arms, like a cloak. It gives the feel as if they're borrowing their boyfriend's coat. As they go inside the shop and take off the coat they will look feminine so the gap will make your heart throb. Guys in Korea wear coats like that too, right? I do that too sometimes. The technique to avoid from making it look weird is by holding a bag inside the coat. As for girls, I think if they hold a clutch bag they'll look more feminine and more stylish.
Jonghyun: Lovely, isn't it? But the most important thing is whether that style suits that person or not. Actually, that goes for any style. It will look good if it suits you well rather than having it look like you're borrowing others clothes.
Key: I always decide on my coordination concept everyday. Like, today I'll be wearing something cute, or be like a rock star. The concept for today is monotone, I only highlight on the socks with bright color. Socks are the item that connect bottom wears and shoes so I'm a bit picky on them. How good it'd be if there's any girl that can follows me around with this kind of characteristic.

Japanese fans are full with individuality.

: This year is already close to its end. Is there anything you want to try to do next year?
Key: Let me see... I guess a talk show? Because I think it's important to show my personality too. I want to make an appearance where I can fully show my individuality. For example, being in reality shows.
Jonghyun: Your individuality is really worth being shown, after all.
Key: Thanks. Currently I'm taking good care concerning that individuality. I wish the day when I can show that to everyone will come. How about you?
Jonghyun: Since I want to extend my skills musically, I want to learn a lot of things. Like musical instruments.
Key: What kind of instrument do you want to try?
Jonghyun: Percussions. I've tried piano and I already experienced playing guitar and bass guitar but I have yet to try percussions.
Key: Looks like drums will suit you too.
Jonghyun: That's nice. I want to learn it for once. And then, I want to show the result to the Japanese fans.
Key: That's right.
Jonghyun: Speaking of Japanese fans, when we're doing our best, performing on the stage, they'll just stand there in silence watching over us passionately, right? I think that's cute.
Key: Yup. Japanese fans, even if I see them in Korea I can tell it's them right away. They're full of individuality. There are a lot of fans that bring out their best features through fashion and make up. I think that's what makes them cute. I'll be happy if they still continue to support us for the year 2013 as well.

SHINee's 1 question and 1 answer!!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Onew: Look at the clock
Jonghyun: Check my handphone
Key: Drink a glass of water, music, shower
Minho: Look into the mirror, check the time
Taemin: Take a shower

Oh my feels!!!  I don't even know what to say about that first part.  Are they doing it on purpose?  There was minimal JongKey activity for the longest and then BOOM!  JongKey everywhere.

I've been discussing this with my friend Stormy, from the Top 10 of 2012 post, and  we think it started happening after this happened in September:

Yep, that's Jonghyun buying Key some birthday stuff.  Yep, it's expensive.  Key posted this video on his Me2Day on September 20th... wonder if it's still there.

Source: SFIall-about-shineeaanniiiiz via Stormy.


  1. Haha lol they sure know how to feed the hungry fangirls

  2. Lol yeah they sure do and I love to faux angst about it.

  3. Key:"Since we're both guys, I can't say we're dating... What do we call this relationship?"
    Jonghyun: I wonder what should it be called? (laugh). Still, it's really pleasant to have Key around. I know your taste, after all."
    Yah! Jongkey! You KNOW what to call it! And so do we......^^
    Jongkey, always making a statement without saying a (the) word ^.~


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