Seungri's Tweets Continue To Amuse and Amaze

Seungri has been a busy man this year, what with all that touring the world business and the feeling up on random Japanese starlets' goodies business, amongst other things.  But still, one of the absolute best things he's done this year continues to be his (super funny) usage of his Twitter account.

Big Bang's Seungri

By now you're probably well aware of Seungri's first Twitter shenanigans and the fact that he then went on to delete those tweets.  I'm still sad about that, by the way.    I swore he would be (forced to be) boring but I should've known that he wouldn't let that happen.

Seungri's Twitter banner 121221

Need an example?  Here's one from today:  Not too long ago, Seungri decided to make someone's year/life/career by tweeting this gem:

How cute and funny is that?  And now the whole Kpop world knows about this guy.... Lucky him!

So we know Seungri stalks mentions of his name but I'm wondering how often he does it?  Daily?  Three times a day?  Every hour on the hour?  I'm thinking it just might be choice number 3, don't you?  I don't have a problem with that, though, because it helps to provide me with seemingly endless sources of entertainment.

There's "Let me show you just how vain I am" Seungri:

Seungri's tweet 121209

Which occurs frequently enough.  There's also "I'm funny aren't I?" Seungri:

Seungri's tweet 121221

But we've also seen "Aww that's pretty sad!" Seungri:

Seungri's tweet 121214

Sometimes, though, he likes to surprise us with his artistry:

Photos of London taken by Seungri

He tweeted a series of photos taken by himself on December 19th while Big Bang was in London for their Alive tour concerts.

Photos of London taken by Seungri

As I've probably mentioned before, Seungri used to kind of annoy the crap out of me.  Now, for obvious reasons, he's slowly making his way up my bias list.

You can see more London pics and other stuff at Seungri's twitter.

Source: @ForvictoRigunnarolla@gunnarolla.

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